The Forever Purge a movie to purge forever

By Andrew McManus - Movie review

Another week and ANOTHER horror film. I feel like this is October! We have another sequel this time to the Purge franchise. Originally this started out in 2013 with The Purge the gist of the film is that for one night there are no laws. The first film was obviously well received and made money so sequels were churned out.

This is the fifth entry in the franchise and the quality has fluctuated with the last film (The First Purge) being absolutely terrible. Would this be in better? I’ll caution you as well, this will be a quick read. The plot is PAPER THIN…and things don’t pick up.

Onto the film.

We open and learn a little backstory of the society in this film. The “New Founding Fathers of America” (BAD GUYS) have regained control of the government and made Purge nights a practice again. In an old film, the good guy’s win and purge is disbanded. Obviously, not for long.

We then meet our protagonists Juan (Huerta) and Adela (Reguera) on the run from a Mexican cartel. They make it into Texas by illegally crossing the border and when then cut to almost a year later. They are both working and enjoying life. The next Purge is about to happen and everyone gets prepared.

The couple joins a community in a walled-off area with armed guards for protection. We realize that the purgers are targeting people who they feel aren’t Americans. They survive the night, with cheesy action sequences and it feels all is well.

It isn’t.

The next day the purge continues? There is confusion as if the purge will be ongoing hence the title…FOREVER. Extremely melodramatic. Unfortunately, the plot stops there. We then see our couple go from hiding place to hiding place attempting to remain alive. I wish I had more plot for you. It is just scene 1 go here and hide or fight.

Scene two these people are going to be killed and it will be gruesome and attempt to shock you. For a film about the FOREVER PURGE, you would expect more urgency or tension. I honestly didn’t feel any of it. It tries hard to make you look at the bigger picture in terms of immigration and how people are treated. However, the film is so lacking the messaging gets lost as well.

The acting isn’t LIFETIME movie bad, and you even have a Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama) sighting, but skip this one. The gruesome kills aren’t even to merit seeing it. Too many other good films still out. Next week BLACK WIDOW!! 1 ½ stars out of 5

By Andrew McManus

Movie review