Watchable but forgettable

By Andrew McManus - Movie Review

Do we really get THREE horror movies in three weeks? Yes, we do! If you’re a fan of the horror genre it’s highly likely you’ve seen one of the previous Conjuring films. What’s intriguing about this “universe” is how many films it has created.

The first Conjuring came out in 2013! It was obviously a big success and has stemmed two sequels (this being the third in the series) as well as five spin-offs. Impressive. In case you haven’t watched any of the others here’s a quick run-down for you.

These are based on “true” stories. The leads in this film played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are dramatizations of the real life Ed and Lorraine Warren. Those names probably sound familiar. They were famous paranormal investigators with the most famous case being The Amityville Horrors. This film takes us on another case. I went back and watched the first two Conjuring films and they hold up well. In my opinion the sequel is even better than the original but would this film live up to the hype and high expectations?

Onto the film.

We are in 1981 and the Warrens (Wilson and Farmiga) are attempting to exorcism a demon from a young child named David (Hilliard) It seems the exorcism starts to fail and David’s sister Debbie (Hook) starts to panic. Debbie’s boyfriend Arne jumps into action and says to take him. We see the demon take possession of him but the Warrens do not. Ed (Wilson) has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital and becomes comatose.

The film cuts to sometime later and Ed (Wilson) awakens. He is told by Lorraine (Farmiga) she saw the demon enter Arne. Is it too late to save this young man? Spoiler alert it is. Arne (O’Connor) has killed his landlord and stabbed him over 20 times. (This is the “true story” part.) Obviously, the Warrens want to help him and get him freed.

I wondered if this would stray from the “normal” recipe of a horror film and turn into a court-room drama. This would have made for a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, it does not. The Warrens travel to Massachusetts to investigate another death that was similar to the one committed by Arne. This seems like a retread of the first part of the film and honestly came off boring.

In any horror film, there are jump scares. This film has a few, but nothing to spectacular. I can remember scenes from the first 2 Conjuring movies but these one is already forgettable. However, the cast does make up for a rather mediocre script and plot. The cast signs. Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have really grown into their roles and the chemistry is still there. In my opinion, the best character was Arne (O’Connor.) When “possessed” he came off completely unhinged and yet snapping out of it you felt for the character.

If you are a fan of the Conjuring universe give it a watch, but just know it is forgettable. I was more entertained reading about the real-life case after the film. Maybe in October, we will get back to the horror genre. I’m already looking forward to it. 2 stars out of 5

By Andrew McManus

Movie Review

This writer’s opinion is their own and not the opinion of this newspaper

This writer’s opinion is their own and not the opinion of this newspaper