Movie Review: Blade Runner 2049

By Andrew McManus - Contributing Columnist

Directed by: Denis Villeneuve

Starring: Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Jared Leto, Ana De Armas, Robin Wright, Sykvia Hoeks, Dave Bautista

Runtime: 163 minutes

Rating: R (For violence, some sexuality, nudity and language.)

First I meant to mention last week, we’ve moved to a new day for our column. Speaking with our editor, we discussed moving to Friday permanently as it will help make your weekend plans/date night decisions easier for the weekends. Even virtual date nights are a thing! This week there was unfortunately no new releases anywhere close to this area. However, from time to time, I’ll bring back one of my favorites in hopes of enticing you to get it a rewatch or enjoy it for the first time. Blade Runner 2049 was released in 2017. This was before my column started but I remember it was my favorite movie of the year. Abet I was biased because I saw in the IMAX 3D, but it is STILL AMAZING today. It’s not secret I’m a huge Harrison Ford fan, and many of you I’m sure love Indiana Jones and Han Solo. Ryan Gosling grabbed audiences with The Notebook of course, but he’s a great actor.

The last two days (yes two, I fell asleep ok.) I rewatched this film to give it a rating. Would it live up to the hype I had built for it in the last 4 years?

Onto the film.

We open with a look at the vast world created decades ago with the original Blade Runner. This film is gorgeous to look at. The cinematography deserves praise here (I noted his work in 1917) and the Academy always takes notice. If you see the name Roger Deakins on a film. Watch it.

We meet Officer K (Gosling) he is sent to “retire” older replicants (robots) who have went off the grid. Harrison Ford originally did this in the first film. Just to keep you up to speed. K (also a replicant) asks as a police officer, also known as a “Blade Runner.” Hence the title. He dispatches a replicant named Sapper (Dave Bautista) in an epic fight that sets the tone for this film. Before leaving K (Gosling) notices a flower on top of soil and scans the area. A box is buried. Then the film takes off.

This film is 4 years old yes. But, this plot is something that shouldn’t be spoiled. Let’s just say the inside the box is something that ties back to the past and Ford’s Officer Deckard. We then meet the antagonists of the cast and they are good. Even last night I told my company. “THAT CHARACTER IS AWFUL.” The big bad in this film is named Niander Wallace (Leto) he

takes over for the Tyrell Corporation in the first film to reproduce replicants. His hope is to have them be able to procreate and rule the world. We then get a saga playing out with gorgeous cinematography, excellent acting, score, and pacing.

Themes of this film start with identity. How do the replicants identify? As humans? They have thoughts, and emotions. Joi (De Armas) is the love interest for K (Gosling.) Think about if your Google home or Siri could take form and talk to you. This is what we see. However, the amount of range exhibited by Ana De Armas is exceptional. You feel for the character even if she’s supposed to be a hologram. We then delve into abandonment, duty, sacrifice….all with robots.

This film is truly a masterpiece. If you enjoy action scenes. Watch this film. Romance. Watch this film. Great acting. Watch this film. You get the point. Plus it’s HARRISON FORD! Rent it on demand or go buy it. You won’t be disappointed. I also suggest watching the original film first. Go with the final cut or watch all the editions of it. Hopeful to get some new releases next week. 5 stars out of 5

By Andrew McManus

Contributing Columnist

This writer’s opinion is their own and not the opinion of this newspaper

This writer’s opinion is their own and not the opinion of this newspaper