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Opening reception for this exhibition is Saturday, February 17, 12:00-3:00 p.m. James Mellick will be on hand to speak about his work, his inspiration, and his process. This event is free and open to the public.

This exhibition showcases the signature wood forms of Ohio artist James Mellick and includes the installation of his “Wounded Warrior Dogs Project.” Each dog represents a different military campaign, as well as the injuries that their human counterparts experienced. Mellick created the installation to raise awareness of the sacrifices made by veterans and their needs now. Alongside this project, the Museum will exhibit other faithful companions created by Mellick.

Asked why he doesn’t depict images of soldiers instead of dogs representing them, Mellick said, “People have trouble looking at wounded soldiers. The dogs bring out a completely different emotion.”

The dogs function as allegories, telling the stories of soldiers injured during wartime. The installation includes a small coffin draped in an American flag – an element inspired by real images he saw of a soldier’s coffin being taken off an airplane, followed by a smaller box containing the soldier’s dog. The flag, which looks like fabric, is actually made completely of wood.

Mellick is moved by stories of veterans he spoke with that “walked in the footsteps of their dogs to stay alive.”

The Museum will host a series of tours for veterans, reservations may be made by calling 740-354-5629.

Dates for all events will be posted on the Museum website:

This exhibition is generously supported by the Ohio Arts Council and the Scioto Foundation. The Museum galleries are always admission free.

Staff report