Another beautiful service

As a Scioto County Extension Agent many years ago, I found that if I didn’t bring in a priest for Sunday Mass I wouldn’t have any Catholic children attending 4-H Camp.

I found that when they were dismissed to follow the Priest to Mass that half the children would follow. I don’t know if they were all Catholic or if some just wanted to go to see what a Catholic Mass was all about. My camp nurse for many years was Betty Figlestahler who attended this church and recently passed away. I thought of how wonderful it was to share camp with her as Beverly and I sat in her church that day. I remember that many of my 4-H members attended this church. There were the Turner children, the Langs, the Bolls, Figlestahlers and others.

One of the first comments made in this service was to turn off phone and electronic devices which is a little tough for the guy trying to photograph a beautiful church interior and it’s service. Anyway at that moment my picture taking pretty much ended. Luckily one of my special 4-H friends, Dr. Ruth Boll who is a Veterinarian and professional photographer attends the church and was taking pictures. She provides a special website where congregates can obtain photo copies free of charge. (

This was especially nice today as the church was conducting first communion for many of the children. Ruth took many fine pictures of these children which included my granddaughter Maryanne Audrey Boerger.

Beverly and I have now attended three of Scioto County Catholic Churches and there will be others as time goes on. The Catholic faith is very ritualistic in their beautiful services and the people are very firm in their faith and following of Jesus Christ. We have the utmost respect for them, though in the Catholic Church those outside the faith are not allowed to celebrate communion. This does not matter as we are always welcomed with kindness and understanding. This was another of our very special visits to meet with Scioto County Churches of Christian faith. I once heard a connotation that in this life we have choices. Some wear shirts and some wear sweaters, but we are all braced in our love of Christ.

See ya in church!

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