Schools attend leadership training at ESC

OLAC, BASA offer leadership training workshops throughout Ohio

Source: South Central ESC

Regional schools attended a special leadership training workshop at the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center, in New Boston, Ohio, on June 21. The workshop was presented by the Ohio Leadership Council (OLAC) and the Buckeye Association of School Administrators.

“As a result of work being done in Ohio, districts have developed DLTs (District Leadership Teams), BLTs (Building Leadership Teams) and TBTs (Teacher-Based Teams). The work of these teams is to analyze data and make sure that we are best serving the needs of students across Ohio,” explained Karel Oxley, of the Ohio Leadership Advisory Council.

In addition to New Boston, OLAC had training workshops in Toldeo, Mansfield, and Cincinnati throughout the month of June with Dr. Brian McNulty, of Time for Team Collaboration and Planning in Denver, Colorado. These are typically two-day workshops, but it was condensed to one-day in New Boston.

“Participating in the OLAC meetings, especially as a team, is very beneficial to the district. First and foremost, it both reinforces the work that is being done and it also challenges the team to reflect on next steps. It also affords us the opportunity to learn from implementation across the state,” said Wellston School Superintendent Karen Boch.

Oxley said about 50 percent of the audiences attending these workshops already have their teams in position and are looking for skills to upgrade their work. The rest, she said, are interested in getting involved for the very first time.

“We had an opportunity to hear Dr. Brian McNulty speak, and he’s very knowledgeable,” said Rick Carrington, a consultant with Region 15 State Support Team (SST) in Piketon. “He (McNulty) shared a lot of practical ideas for superintendents and building leaders that they can do to lead their schools in school improvements and improve outcomes for kids.”

In addition to gaining new insights himself, Carrington – a former Scioto County superintendent – also sat on a panel with current superintendents to discuss their school improvements. In his new role with the SST, Carrington helps school districts sharpen their leadership skills.

“They really were interested in hearing about the journey from the panelists, because the panelists can tell them what the struggles have been and what the plusses have been from the work that they have done in this area,” Oxley said.

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OLAC, BASA offer leadership training workshops throughout Ohio

Source: South Central ESC