Time to go to church

Randy Rucker

Today was the day that we began our journey to attend every church in our Southern Ohio County. As we approached our first visit the enormity of the project began to set in. But with some encouragement from our daughter Miranda Boerger we found ourselves on a beautiful hilltop in Minford Ohio overlooking the Little Scioto River. This is a beautiful place for a church, we have driven by many times. How did we select our first church. Well it was back in October of this year at a Fall Party that we were extended an invitation from a friend, Rick Arthur. One factor we so remembered was that they fix pancakes prior to their morning service. Game on! So when I facebooked his wife Theresa and said we would see them in church tomorrow I later got a back note that being it was New Years Eve last night there would be no breakfast. I may not be willing to admit our disappointment but redesigning our plan allowed us to work around another New Year resolution of starting a diet! Church number 1 in our visitation plan did not lack for scenic beauty in it’s location. It is the Tick Ridge Freewill Baptist Church ministered by P.J. Fitch. The Sermon for our visit though was given by Rick Arthur!

Thaddeus Bennett, founder of Minford Ohio left Sciotoville Ohio to escape flooding and high water. Basically they were looking for higher ground and this church well represents what he found. Looking out behind the church I wondered if attendees had paid much attention to the fact a hawk had built a beautiful nest residing hidden in the leaves through summer months!

Beverly and I loved the message on the podium which read “Each One Reach One”! How well this might fit into our theme of meeting so many great people in our project of visiting church families throughout our County. With each visit we will have fulfilled our project to reach one more church.

What a beautiful service here! The youth were so involved. We felt so much love and friendship. One church leader called it the friendliest church in Ohio. There would be no way Beverly and I would question that. Several songs we enjoyed included, “I feel like traveling home”, “I want to see him”, “What a day that will be”! One young man played a beautiful solo on a Grand Piano, “God’s been good in my life”!

At one point in the program members stood in what I will call a walk about greeting. We were greeted warmly! After the offering plate was passed it was done again for children bringing up coins to put in buckets on each side of a scale. All the while a cute little song played. Boys put coins on one side, girls the other. The one weighing down the scale were the winners. That went to the little girls today!

Brianna Boggs, a college student also played and sang a beautiful solo after reading a letter thanking her from the pastor and his wife, as I recall. She has held it since after another school break. This was her last day before returning to college from Christmas break. Very touching, joyful! She played, “In the eyes of a storm”!

There was a time in the service where first children, then adults came forward to share Bible verses or readings. There was time for testimonials.

Rick Arthur presented a sermon from second Timothy. “I have fought a good fight”! All are given a course, a path, a way. The goal for all might be to walk the path to righteousness by keeping the faith. He mentioned verse eight that, “hence will be laid up a crown of righteousness”! Rick mentioned that faith is the substance of all things hoped for in our lives. Hope is alive, has to be alive. Hence we are judged in our leading a life that is pleasing to our God! In the end should we all hope to say, “Goodbye cruel world, good morning Glory”!

Beverly and I left the Tick Ridge FWB Church with a sincere feeling of love and warmth! I might add, it was a full house by the time the church service had begun. There was some discussion as to remodelling to make more room for their average attendences of 60 +. On to our visitations of other Scioto County Churches! God bless us everyone


Randy Rucker

Reach Randy Rucker at [email protected]

Reach Randy Rucker at [email protected]