Spring Dean’s List

Source: Shawnee State University

Jeff Bauer, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs at Shawnee State University, has released the Dean’s List for the Spring Semester 2017.

To be named on the list, students must be enrolled full time and achieve a grade point average of 3.5 or better.

Shawnee State University is located at 940 Second Street, Portsmouth, Ohio, along the banks of the Ohio River. With more than 80 Bachelor’s and Associate Degree Programs and three Master’s degree programs, Shawnee State University is a student-focused university offering a high personalized, affordable and accessible education dedicated to the exploration of emerging technologies and emerging ideas.


Beaver, OH

Jessemily Cordle, Individualized Studies

Erin Davis, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Amy Dixon, Social Sciences

Tyler Edler, Social Sciences

Abbigail Fox, General Studies

Quincy King, English Humanities

Laura Knipp, Biology

Chase Laney, Sport Studies

Brent Moore, Political Science

Brittany Mounts, Health Science

Baylee Slusher, Health Science

Katlin Smalley, Marketing

Blue Creek, OH

Ashley Hackworth, Natural Science

Jesse Scott, International Relations

Chesapeake, OH

Aaron Lyman, Fine Arts

Coal Grove, OH

Zachary Kelly, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Flatwoods, KY

Trenton Daugherty, Digital Simulation & Gaming

MaKayla Lester, Accounting

Gregory Meade, Respiratory Therapy

Benjamin Wilson, Social Sciences

Franklin Furnace, OH

Alexis Bays, Sociology

Chelsea Eichenlaub, Management

Quintin Gleim, Fine Arts

Randall King, Accounting

Megan Salyers, Health Science

Savanna Shaw, Marketing

Garrison, KY

Amber Applegate, Occupational Therapy

Paige Bentley, Health Science

Alexis Dunigan, Biology

Sarah Stamper, Accounting

Greenup, KY

Dagan Abdon, Sport Studies

Rebekah Burton, Psychology

Todd Chapman, Computer Enginering Technology

Christina Craig, Fine Arts

Sierra Linthicum, Nursing

Lauren Miller, Information Systems Management

Brianna Price, Political Science

Kayla Satterfield, Physical Therapist Assistant

Alexandria Sharp, Information Systems Management

Kendra Steele, Physical Therapist Assistant

Ironton, OH

Emily Bailey, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Logan Boggs, Digital Simulation & Gaming

Kathryn Burge, Fine Arts

Katie Cunningham, Fine Arts

Shelby Dalton, Mathematical Sciences

Logan Gleichauf, Biology

Jordan Hairston, Sport Studies

Paul Krum, Athletic Training

Jordan Murrey, Plastics Engineering Technology

Sidney Payne, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Julia-Rose Sheppard, English Humanities

Elijah Stewart, Natural Science

Nathaniel Tipton, Information Systems Management

Jackson, OH

Mariah Click, Occupational Therapy

Briar Cook, Medical Laboratory

Gabriel Griffiths, Physical Therapist Assistant

Brianne Pollard, General Studies

Brad Profitt, Medical Laboratory

Madison Ridout, Middle Childhood Education

Daniel Soria, Sport Studies

Kitts Hill, OH

Joshua Bishop, Accounting

Dylan Carpenter, Natural Science

Jonathan Dillon, Fine Arts

Samantha Dillon, History

Latham, OH

Chandler Grooms, Political Science

Dustin Humphrey, Environmental Engineering

Clayton Newkirk, Middle Childhood Education

Lucasville, OH

Elizabeth Adams, Social Sciences

Katlyn Anderson, Health Science

Wyatt Bazler, Health Science

Jason Brogdon, Health Science

Paul Brogdon, Health Science

Cody Charles, Health Science

Benjamin Crabtree, Chemistry

Deanna Crabtree, Early Child/Special Education

Anna DeHart, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Morgan Delong, Sport Studies

James Detty, Digital Simulation & Gaming

Grace Duduit, Health Science

Ronald Emmons, Natural Science

Cheyene Free, Fine Arts

Ryan Gillette, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Kaylee Goode, English Humanities

Donovan Hall, Computer Enginering Technology

Rodney Hatfield, History

Chelsey Hettinger, Fine Arts

Autumn Hodge, Psychology

David Holcomb, Plastics Engineering Technology

Alicia Holt, Early Child/Special Education

Blain Honaker, Health Science

Rachel Jenkins, Health Science

Kayla Koch, Health Care Administration

McKensey Lawless, Nursing

Nicole Lunsford, Health Science

Adi Marshall, Middle Childhood Education

Jerod Miller, Environmental Engineering

Levi Nelson, Social Sciences

Callie Preston, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Shasta Radabaugh, Biology

Kiana Schackart, English Humanities

Stephanie Smith, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Sarah Soares, English Humanities

Jessie Stewart, Biology

Corbin Stockham, Plastics Engineering Technology

Courtney Tackett, Middle Childhood Education

Johelen Taylor, Biology

Jordan West, Social Sciences

Alexis Witter, Health Science

Lynx, OH

Emily Wilson, Social Sciences

Manchester, OH

Nicholas Huron, Sport Studies

Chandler Rigdon, Occupational Therapy Assistant

McKayla Smith, Health Science

Cassidy Spires, Natural Science

McKaylan Stamper, Legal Assisting

Linda Steele, Health Science

Mc Dermott, OH

Gabe Howard, Biology

Arizona Mowery, Social Sciences

David Stenger, Sport Studies

McDermott, OH

Emily Brown, Health Science

Ruby McCleary, Early Child/Special Education

Robert Mitchell, Health Science

Nathaniel Wartluft, Plastics Engineering Technology

Minford, OH

Kourtney Arnold, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Jordan Book, Social Sciences

Elizabeth Brisker, Health Science

Keana Combs, Health Science

Richard Coriell, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Travis Gampp, Marketing

Amy Gilliland, Undecided

Matthew Goetting, Management

Ali Hammond, Early Child/Special Education

Chasitie Keefer, Athletic Training

Olivia Pica, Marketing

Hector Reffit, Plastics Engineering Technology

Megan Runyon, Nursing

Ashley Seal, Management

Derick Swords, Health Science

Hanna Vanhoose, Psychology

Lauren Wright, Biology

New Boston, OH

James Cutlip, Sociology

Audriana Lindamood, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Mari Malizio, Health Science

Katherine Meehan, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Oak Hill, OH

Mikayla Burton, Natural Science

Sean Conley, General Studies

Rachel Lewis, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Rachel Riddle, Social Sciences

Otway, OH

Josey Barnhart, Information Systems Management

Jessica Boldman, Accounting

Sierra Culver, Mathematical Sciences

Kady Essman, Natural Science

Laura Fitzpatrick, History

Carly Harness, Health Science

Courtney Hill, Health Care Administration

William Kosan, Fine Arts

Christina Maloy, Psychology

Josee Osburn, Undecided

Chad Wamsley, Natural Science

Pedro, OH

Irina Hackworth, Health Science

Peebles, OH

Melissa Ashton, Middle Childhood Education

Taylor Bentley, Nursing

Morgan Brown, Legal Assisting

Breanna Demint, Fine Arts

Joshua DeMint, Information Systems Management

Jerison Harper, Accounting

Marya Hawk, Psychology

Samantha Hopkins, Health Science

Kendall Kelley, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Gracelyn Kephart, College Credit Plus

Santanna Light, Undecided

Paige Newman, Non Degree

Xavier Newman, Sociology

Brittany Stephens, Early Child/Special Education

Zachary Swayne, Sport Studies

Ashley Toller, Sociology

Stephanee Whitley, Natural Science

Chase Williams, Digital Simulation & Gaming

Piketon, OH

Shianne Burks, Health Science

Kelsey Guiler, Accounting

Emily Hines, Marketing

Taila Hodge, Natural Science

Julia Hurst, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Courtney Kirby, Health Care Administration

Emily Meddock, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Audrey Patton, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Amber Reno, Management

Michael Ross, Pre-Engineering AS

Alexander Russell, Computer Enginering Technology

Brianna Wiget, Health Science

Noah Woods, Sociology

Portsmouth, OH

Deja Alexander, Health Science

Katherine Anderson, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Jen Arnzen, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Joshua Artis, History

Lindsey Austin, Social Sciences

Abby Bailey, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Allison Bailey, General Studies

Gregory Bauer, Individualized Studies

Zachary Bettis, Information Systems Management

Jayllen Carter, Athletic Training

Ashlyn Cassidy, Psychology

Alison Castle, Nursing

Eric Clift, Fine Arts

Rosemary Colegrove, Health Science

Monica Colley, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Jocelyn Conkey, Management

Brittany Crofoot, Accounting

Kayla Curtis, English Humanities

Dakota Davis, Sport Studies

Michael Diddle, Social Sciences

Derrick Dillow, Nursing

Shelby Doyle, Management

Johnathan Edwards, Undecided

Alexander Estrada, Digital Simulation & Gaming

William Ford, Marketing

Demi Frazier, Health Science

Mika Garrett, Natural Science

James Graham, Environmental Engineering

Brianna Gunnell, Sociology

Jacob Harris, Sociology

Bailey Hartlage, Management

Lena Harvey, Psychology

Chase Hiles, Management

Skye Hiles, Mathematical Sciences

Hailey Hinch, English Humanities

Eden Howard, Natural Science

Charles Howell, Physical Therapist Assistant

Joshua Huffman, Information Systems Management

Erin Johnson, Health Science

Lakeisha Journey, Health Science

Brittany Keys, Fine Arts

Seth Knight, Information Systems Management

Megan Koelzer, Accounting

Miana Lard, Fine Arts

Robert Madden, Plastics Engineering Technology

Cody Malone, Accounting

Caleb Marsh, Biology

Darren Martin, Physical Therapist Assistant

Melissa Martin, Mathematical Sciences

Mollie McCain, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Kaleb McHenry, Undecided

Megan McHugh, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Merrill Melvin, Occupational Therapy

Miranda Melvin, Biology

Katherine Meriwether, Middle Childhood Education

Taylor Mershon, Psychology

Sydney Mucha, Fine Arts

Jessica Nance, Nursing

Kenneth Newman, Middle Childhood Education

Gage Oberling, Sport Studies

Brooke Partlow, Health Science

Olivia Pennington, Physical Therapist Assistant

Aaron Phipps, Plastics Engineering Technology

Chelsea Rice, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Cyrstal Roach, Sociology

Jaclyn Syroney, Biology

Heather Walburn, Natural Science

Charles Welch, Electromechanical Engineering

Jack White, Plastics Engineering Technology

Madison Whitley, Early Child/Special Education

Anthony Wilburn, Nursing

Kristin Williams, Sociology

Jennifer Yarborough, Computer Aided Draft/Des

Proctorville, OH

Brooke Denney, Information Systems Management

Chad McComas, Sport Studies

Mackenzie Riley, Occupational Therapy

Raceland, KY

Shelby Akers, Occupational Therapy

Heather Hencye, Sport Studies

Kaylyn Wilson, Sport Studies

Rarden, OH

Kaleb Breech, Electromechanical Engineering

Ray, OH

Heather Remy, Accounting

Russell, KY

Riley Bess, Information Systems Management

Chelsea Potter, Early Child/Special Education

Seaman, OH

Rylee Copas, Psychology

Kate Shupert, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Kevin Smart, Management

South Point, OH

Shelby Chinn, Health Science

Tevin Mitchell, Sport Studies

South Portsmouth, KY

Jeffrey Felty, Natural Science

Patrick Roche, Accounting

South Shore, KY

Beth Angell, Legal Assisting

Jerome Boggs, Accounting

Shelby Burgess, Health Science

Kristy Craft, Management

Garrett Rice, Social Sciences

Madison Thomas, Nursing

Melissa Thompson, History

Meghan Veach, Emergency Medical Technology

Robert Wampler, Natural Science

South Webster, OH

Megan Lore, Health Science

Mikhail Smith, English Humanities

Alexandria Wilson, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Stockdale, OH

Edy Johnson, Sociology

Jessica Stockham, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Stout, OH

Trisha Akers, Management

Kira Gifford, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Jordan Hileman, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Martin Holsinger, Biology

Katrina Stonebreaker, History

Laramie Taylor, Radiologic Technology

Garyson Trotta, Computer Enginering Technology

Tollesboro, KY

Katelyn Kamer, Occupational Therapy

Vanceburg, KY

Lacy Bloomfield, Health Science

Tianna Chinn, Undecided

Tyrus Evans, Management

Haylee McClurg, Psychology

Kimberly Morgan, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Kelsey Rizzo, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Gage Yates, Athletic Training

Waverly, OH

Sidney Akber, Medical Laboratory

Emily Blum, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Trevon Bolin-Hitchens, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Miranda Clark, Athletic Training

Adrianna Conley, Psychology

Nicole Drown, Accounting

Daniel Evory, Philosophy and Religion

Sara Gillman, English Humanities

Alexandria Hatfield, Social Sciences

Andrew Henry, Computer Enginering Technology

Sara Howell, Computer Enginering Technology

Felicia Jennings, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Alyssa Lambert, Psychology

Olivia Maple, Mathematical Sciences

Mariah Osborne, Sociology

Adam Pearl, Occupational Therapy Assistant

Haley Pratt, Social Sciences

Kaylea Reader, Health Care Administration

Mark Slone, Sport Studies

Connor Smith, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Olivia Stephens, College Credit Plus

Jean-Paul White, Management

Steven Zimmerman, Environmental Engineering

Wellston, OH

Kelsey Hager, Medical Laboratory

Allie McKinniss, Health Science

Michelle Sheets, Environmental Engineering

Mackensie Smith, Natural Science

Kaleigh Young, Health Science

West Portsmouth, OH

Addison Adkins, Biology

Jacob Baker, Information Systems Management

Taylor Blevins, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Adrienne Carver, English Humanities

Billie Curtis, Physical Therapist Assistant

Lauren Duncan, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Gabrielle Dunn, Health Science

Mark Ferguson, Undecided

Erika Howell, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Krista Ingles, Marketing

Kirby Kingery, Psychology

Hannah Maynard, Legal Assisting

Alec Meeker, Health Science

William Mershon, Electromechanical Engineering

Megan Shupert, Health Care Administration

Brandy Stegall, Accounting

Tori Stonebreaker, Natural Science

Andrea Webb, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Joshua Wilfong, Health Science

West Union, OH

Lindsey Baker, Biology

Cassidy Blythe, Accounting

Donna Brodt, Natural Science

Hanna Hilterbrand, College Credit Plus

Austin Kingsolver, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Garrett Miller, Plastics Engineering Technology

Casey Mueller, Health Science

Wendell Reeves, Health Science

Sydney Roberts, English Humanities

Ashley Ross, Management

Chelsea Roush, Sociology

Rhonda Wescott, Accounting

Josie Wickerham, Fine Arts

Wheelersburg, OH

Alexis Atkins, Health Science

Matthew Boll, Plastics Engineering Technology

Kaleb Burchett, History

Sean Clevenger, Marketing

Jeb Conkey, Business Management

Cori Conley, Middle Childhood Education

Blake Copley, Plastics Engineering Technology

Cassie Edwards, Physical Therapist Assistant

Ashley Ellifritt, Sport Studies

Alyssa Evans, Undecided

Christopher Ferrell, Information Systems Management

Andrew Fuhrmann, Undecided

Melanie Fuhrmann, Middle Childhood Education

Kara Harris, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Megan Hiles, Biology

Robert Horton, Political Science

Nickolas Kallas, Environmental Engineering

Ahmad Kasem, Computer Enginering Technology

Daniel Kratzenberg, Computer Enginering Technology

Jessica Leesburg, Natural Science

Clay Massie, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Mary McCoy, Early Childhood PreK-3 Education

Brianne McGowan, Intervention Specialist K-12 Education

Tyler Parrett, Plastics Engineering Technology

Jacob Slack, Health Science

Ian Snyder, Middle Childhood Education

Myra Sosby, Business Management

Cody Stapleton, Marketing

Tyler Stidham, Biology

Brian Stiers, Health Care Administration

Anna Trankina, Biology

Jason Tussey, Sociology

Savanna Twiddy, Sociology

Cassidy Walker, Environmental Engineering

Cheyenne Weakley, Chemistry

Willow Wood, OH

Tanner Shepherd, Biology

Winchester, OH

Brittany Stout, Mathematical Sciences

Jillian Werring, Political Science

Wurtland, KY

Randall Hieneman, Accounting

Source: Shawnee State University