Plan a post-ceremony party

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Religious rites of passage are momentous occasions in many families. Families often celebrate such occasions with parties acknowledging the accomplishments of their family member and inviting relatives and friends to join in the festivities.

Parties can range from intimate dinners at home to catered events at reception halls. Some families may celebrate with lunches or early dinners at restaurants.

When planning a post-ceremony party, hosts should recognize that venues are likely to book up fast. That’s because many religious ceremonies take place during particular times of the year. That means celebrants from neighboring towns or cities may also be looking for venues.

Those laying the groundwork for festive baptism, communion or confirmation parties can follow these tips to ensure the day is as special as possible.

  • Explore all venues. Hosts might find themselves competing with many people for restaurant or catering hall reservations. When examining your options, don’t overlook chain restaurants, which may be flexible with regard to their menus.
  • Consider hosting at home. While it may take a little extra work, hosting at home can offer greater flexibility. Rely on a caterer to provide the food and rent tables and chairs, which may be more cost-effective than booking a hall or restaurant. Just plan accordingly for weather if you will be hosting the party outdoors.
  • Leave a time gap. No one knows just how long the ceremony will last. Build extra time into the schedule for ceremonies that run long or to give your the opportunity to take photos at the church. This way you do not run the risk of losing your reservation by being late.
  • Combine parties when applicable. Cousins and friends may be receiving sacraments on the same day, so think about hosting a joint party. Everyone can have an enjoyable time together, and you’ll pool your resources, which can make the party much more affordable.

Parties are the icing on the cake of religious rites of passage. Start planning early to ensure you can host a celebration worthy of such momentous occasions

Staff Report