Student of the Month



Josh Holsinger has been awarded Student Of The month for May 2017 at Wings Of Healing Worship Center.

Josh is 13 years old, plays the saxophone for West Middle School, and is on the A Honor Roll.

He collects nerf guns, loves playing outside, and playing basketball. His favorite team is Ohio State, favorite subject is math, and favorite book is “Diary Of A Wimpy Kid”. Some of his other favorites are the color blue, pizza, Kit Kats, and the quote “never give up”.

Josh is a member of the Army Of God Drama Team at church, the media team for the sound booth, and also leads our Youth Xplosion services.

He loves the verse Proverbs 3:5-6, because he says, “it gives you peace to know that God will bring you through.” The person he most admires is Jesus because He died on the cross for him.

Josh says something people may not know about him is that he likes to go hunting and fishing. He hopes to become a firefighter because they save people.

Joshua is a talented and kind individual with a heart for the things of God. As he continues to get older, he continues to mature in the things of God and in the Word of God. He truly is a great help at home and at church.

Pastor Chuck & Sis. Amanda Holsinger

I’m very proud of Josh for his growth in God. He does an amazing job leading the youth services. You can tell that he takes it seriously, but he also enjoys it. He did such a wonderful job playing his saxophone during penny march last week. I would love to see him use his musical talent more for the Lord. He is also an outstanding Sunday school student, always willing to participate. He is a tremendous help around the church and such a blessing to us all. Dunia Mershon, Sunday School Coordinator

I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing Josh for about 2 years. But in that time I’ve watched him grow into a wonderful young man with a heart to serve God. In class he is usually the first to raise his hand or to volunteer to help. Not only is he using his talent for the saxophone at church, but he’s also become an awesome leader during our Youth Xplosion services. He’s a memeber of the media team, one of 2 people that run the sound booth for each service. He continues to mature spiritually, one of the first to pray for others and offer help. I’m excited to see what the Lord has in store for him, and I’m blessed to be able to witness it. Susan Green, Sunday School Teacher

I have known Josh for many years. I have had the opportunity to watch him grow up physically and spiritually. I am so proud of Josh and all he does. He has a huge heart and always helps out with everything he can. He is always willing to help with the drama team if someone can’t do their part he always offers to help. He has really stepped out and is letting God move in his life. I love to watch him take over on Youth Xplosion nights. I am excited to see what God has in store for his future. Keep up the good work Josh, always let your light shine. Jessica Ingles, Drama Team Leader