SSU opens Chem. Lab

Staff Report

Shawnee State University offers help for any student enrolled in a chemistry class at the Chemistry Study Center, located in Room 341 in Massie Hall.

The Chemistry Study Center employs SSU students as their tutors who are able to help in the following chemistry classes: Preparation for College Chemistry, Principles of Chemistry, General Chemistry 1 & 2, Intro to Organic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry 1 & 2. No appointments are necessary, but a list of the tutoring schedule can be found online at

The Chemistry Study Center tutors will be able to help with a number of chemistry problems, including balancing chemical equations, conversions, defining chemistry terms and more.

“The study center is great place for students to come if they just have a question, or need help with lab reports, or even just to study for any of their chemistry classes,” said Dr. Andrew Napper, Professor of Chemistry and Chair of the Department of Natural Sciences. “Since it is staffed by student tutors, it is less intimidating for them to reach out for help.”

Staff Report