Road Report

Darren C. LeBrun, P.E., P.S., Scioto County Engineer, announced the work schedule for the week of March 20, 2017 through March 24, 2017 for the Engineer’s Department.


CLEARING RIGHT-OF-WAY (weather permitting)

McDermott – Pond Creek Road (CR46) in Rush Township on Monday, March 20 through Friday, March 24 will be closed between State Route 104 from 8 to 4 p.m. each day. Local traffic only will be maintained.


Dewey Extension West, Cathey Lane and Piketon Road in Madison Township.



Flatwood – Fallen Timber Road (CR184) in Jefferson Township at the 0.56 to 1.03 mile markers continues to be closed through Thursday, December 1, 2017. Portsmouth Joint Venture is excavating road embankment for construction of State Route 823 and constructing a bridge. Ohio River Road (CR503) in Porter Township continues to be closed through Saturday, May 15. Portsmouth Joint Venture will be constructing mechanically stabilized earth (MSE) walls and completing a full width reconstruction of the roadway. Hastings Hill Road will be fully open to traffic during the closure. Blue Run Road (CR29) in Jefferson Township continues to be closed through Friday, April 7. The location of the closure is between Flowers – Ison Road and Blue Run Township Road. Portsmouth Joint Venture will be doing mass excavation activities crossing Blue Run Road (CR29). This will allow truck access, shoulder work and paving, etc.


Portsmouth Joint Venture will haul with articulated dump trucks through the CSX Tunnel on Slocum Avenue in Porter Township through Monday, March 20. This work is a critical path item for a settlement period on the mainline embankment in the area. This was a two (2) day operation that once the work is complete the flaggers will no longer be needed.