Over 30 SSU students to study abroad

Staff Report

The Center for International Programs at Shawnee State University is pleased to announce that 31 SSU students will be participating in a Summer 2017 study abroad program.

Summer study abroad programs are designed to be short-term (4 weeks), which allows students who may not be able to study abroad for a whole semester or year to still participate and have the opportunity to experience studying abroad.

The SSU students this summer will be traveling to Costa Rica, Mexico, Germany, France, Italy, Japan and Greece. Some of the students will participate in various faculty-led programs with the Kentucky Institute for International Studies (KIIS) taught by Dr. Nicholas Meriwether and Dr. Mich Nywalo, both Professors of English & Humanities at SSU. In addition to KIIS, two faculty members from SSU, Dr. Sarah Minter, Associate Professor of Natural Sciences, and Dr. Pablo Salinas, Visiting Faculty, will be leading two student groups abroad. Dr. Minter’s group will be traveling to Costa Rica while Dr. Salinas’ group will be going to Mexico.

“I couldn’t be more pleased to see that 31 students, which is one of the highest enrollments for CIPA, have taken an interest in a study abroad program for the summer,” said Ryan Warner, Director of CIPA. “Not only does this show me that our students are interested in understanding our world from a global perspective, but just how important it is for SSU to continue to offer these types of academic programs to our students. I am also proud of our dedicated faculty who are willing to take their time out to travel and teach their courses abroad with our students and I look forward to them returning to share their experience with the campus community.”

Staff Report