Birth announcements

January 9

Kirsten Waggoner and Justin Davis of Beaver, daughter

Derrick and Sonja Griffith of Portsmouth, daughter

January 10

Melissa Tackett and Brett Deck of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

Amanda Harris and Jade Conn of Greenup (Ky.), son

January 11

Jordan Allen and Jennifer Hackworth of McDermott, daughter

Arika Bradford and Jacob Montgomery of New Boston, daughter

Tyffani Mitchell and Joshua Slusher of Blue Creek, son

Courtney Crabtree and Levi Burdette of McDermott, daughter

Bobbie Jean Hawk and Nathaniel Newton Hagerty of Rarden, son

January 12

Britton and Breanna Aldridge of Portsmouth, son

Emma Brown of Otway, daughter

Louanna White of Portsmouth, son

January 13

Matt Tilley and Jessica Jordan of Piketon, son

January 14

Brian Easterling and Amber Easterling of South Shore (Ky.), twin son and daughter

January 15

Johnathan Smith and Shelley Fraley of Oak Hill, daughter

January 16

Brian Webb and Heather Lyons of Pedro, son

Hannah Wells of Portsmouth, son

Shane and Kelsey Craft, son

January 17

Stephanie Webb of Portsmouth, daughter

Chaz and Trudy Crisp of Lucasville, daughter

Mr. and Mrs. Christina Mustard of Waverly, son

Chelsea Millay of Portsmouth, son

Savannah Lore of Lucasville, son

Brett and Maddison Enz of Sciotoville, daughter

January 18

Randi Jordan and Jonathan Jewett of Lucasville, son

Michael Brannan and Jennifer Ellis of Otway, son

January 19

Derek Phipps and Tiffany Hall of Lucasville, daughter

Jennifer R. Carver and Joe Hossman of West Portsmouth, son

January 20

Brittany Stapleton and Andrew Swanigan of Portsmouth, son

January 22

Tony and Kaley Montavon of Lucasville, son

Allison Fannin and Tyler Parish of South Shore (Ky.), son

January 23

Cody and Lekeisha Moore of Vanceburg (Ky.), daughter

Kayla Rawlins of West Portsmouth, son

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Eddy of Otway, son

January 24

Jessica Clark and Jim Tupper Jr. of Portsmouth, son

Derek and Jenna Brown of Beaver, son

Dorothy Wright of Portsmouth, daughter

January 25

Shane and Kelli Cutler of Piketon, son

Ty and Ashley Roberts of Portsmouth, son

Kirby and Alicia Bowling of Portsmouth, son

January 26

Holly Elliot of Portsmouth, son

January 27

Leeanne McLaughlin of Portsmouth, daughter

Thomas Blake Haven and Autumn Marie Haven of Vanceburg (Ky.), son

January 28

Andrea Smith of Piketon, daughter

January 29

Mariah Stegalls and Daniel Winters of Portsmouth, daughter

January 30

Jennifer Smith and Charles Woolridge of Waverly, son

Shyann and Nathaniel Caudill of Wheelersburg, son

Josh and Cheryl Mitchell of West Portsmouth, son

Jessica and Christopher Goodwin of Wheelersburg, son

January 31

Autumn Reed and Austan Allard of Portsmouth, son

Rebecca and Bruce Kalb of Portsmouth, son

February 1

Matthew and Emily Owens of Sciotoville, daughter

Destiny Trask and William McQueen III of Beaver, son

Justin and Stephanie Rister of Quincy (Ky.), daughter

Sophia and Garrett Blakemore of Lucasville, son

Trinity Drake of Blue Creek, daughter

February 2

Lori and Michael Miller of Portsmouth, son

David Journey and Miranda Baldridge of Portsmouth, son

Mr. and Mrs. Andy and Tereatha Horsley of Garrison (Ky.), daughter

Jeremy and Brianna Pelfrey of West Portsmouth, son

Brad and Jennifer Mott of Portsmouth, son

February 3

Nicole Holt and Dustin Wallace of South Point, daughter

February 4

Bryan Briggs and Kari Skaggs of West Portsmouth, son

February 6

Jonathan and Natasha Dodridge of Minford, son

Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Jennifer French of Oak Hill, daughter

Sixx Bentley of West Portsmouth, son