Celebrity chef, Dawn Scott and Sean Little bio

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Dawn Scott and Sean Little

Dawn Scott and Sean Little

  1. Names: Dawn Scott and son Sean Little
  2. Job title and company: Dawn- Vice President at the Ralph F. Scott Funeral Home in Portsmouth

    Sean- Seventh grade student at Wheelersburg Middle School and member of the baseball and Quiz Bowl teams.

  3. What is your fondest cooking memory? Dawn- Several of my friends and our mothers went to Murphin Ridge for a weekend cooking class/girl’s weekend. It was great fin and I learned a lot.

    Sean- Making pizza with my Nan.

  4. How long have your lived/worked in the community? With the exception of college, we have both always lived here and love our beautiful area.

  5. What is your favorite food? Dawn- Lobster. Sean- Sesame Chicken.

  6. What or who inspires you to do good, and why? Dawn- My parents have taught me to do the right thing…no matter what. I believe to have a successful community, we all must volunteer and do our part. Sean- My Pappy, Ralph Scott.

  7. Why did you want to be a part of the celebrity chef dinner? We know the summer camp program that this fundraiser supports is a very important and worthwhile project and are excited to be a part of its success.
  8. Do you know what appetizer you will be making and if so, what is it? We will be doing my world famous broccoli soup! Well, my family loves it and they think its awesome.

Dawn Scott and Sean Little
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Staff Report