He still moves stones

By James Spinnati - Contributing Columnist

It is the end of the Sabbath and the beginning of the first day of the week and the sun is starting to peek over the horizon. As we survey the landscape, we see three women walking to the tomb of Jesus. They are going there to anoint His body. Because of the situation surrounding his crucifixion, they were not able to properly prepare his body for burial, but they have forgotten something. They have forgotten that the tomb is sealed with a massive stone and as they are on their way they ask each other a question, “Who shall roll away the stone from the door of the sepulcher?”

The question these women asked each other is still relevant. Who will roll the stone away for us? Who will roll the stone of sin, depression, distrust, and discouragement where many find themselves trapped? One of the great lessons of the resurrection of Jesus Christ is that the solution to our problems does not depend on us. In fact, my friends the solution to our problems has risen! The resurrection of our Lord teaches us that God still moves stones! Many people live their lives as if salvation solely depends on them. Never forget that the resurrection of Jesus Christ teaches us that God will not forget us! Brothers and sisters; Christians stand in triumph, not tragedy, in total victory, not loss, in life everlasting, not death!

To those who are blood bought, Jesus is much more than a memory. He is not represented simply by an empty cross, or an empty tomb. He is not just someone in a painting of someone’s version of what he looked like. Jesus is a living reality for every child of God! The great news is to be united with Christ means to be united with His resurrection. We have been given eternal life over which the grave has no power. So today we ask ourselves how shall we describe what His resurrection means to us? It is encased in five words: deliverance, salvation, freedom, rescue, and redemption! This is the anthem of the Christian walk. Never forget my friends; our God still moves stones!


By James Spinnati

Contributing Columnist