It’s the morals America

By Dr. James Spinnati - Contributing Columnist

A recently conducted poll found that most adult Americans have a negative view of the youth and attribute kids’ faults to a lack of moral foundation. Only 37% believe that today’s children will grow up to make our country a better place. When asked what first comes to mind when they think of today’s teenagers, Americans use adjectives such as rude and irresponsible, while younger children are viewed as lacking discipline and spoiled.

Americans are also out of step with the Presidential agenda, this survey said that funding for childcare programs ranked second from last out of 12 ways of helping children! The top item on the list was improving education. So, what is the problem? Improving the quality of education nor government funding will solve the problems of a lack of moral foundation in today’s youth. The problems are spiritual problems by nature. Christians should be ready to pass out the cup and bread to those who are in need, but never at the expense of the Gospel!

The moral fabric of our nation will never change if the Gospel is not central to our attempts at change. A group in Philadelphia decided to enlist volunteers for social programs. So, who came to help? The room was full of politicians, Hollywood elites, and the press. What fruit did it bare? The murder rate is still two per day, the bars and strip clubs are keeping the same hours, and nothing has changed. The great social action that was initiated without Christ and the Gospel, failed miserably. Brothers and sisters please understand, social programs will always fail without the Gospel. A changed heart is the starting point for all social good and it all starts with Jesus Christ.

By Dr. James Spinnati

Contributing Columnist