Avoid Feel Good Highs

By Dr. James Spinnati - Contributing Columnist

Here we are two weeks after Christmas, and we look around us and wonder where it has gone. Time is just a whisper and then it evaporates right before our very eyes. It’s always a little sad too, isn’t it? Christmas is over and the decorations are already in the attic, or they soon will be.

Many people experience this feel-good high that crashes to the ground on December 26th. Unfortunately, that is the way many live the spiritual life. They seem to sit just waiting for the next big event so they can get their feel-good fix. But Mary’s first Christmas was anything but feel-good.

Before you start your next pity-party I want you to examine Mary and the birth of Jesus. Mary knew the challenges that were on the horizon, and she was getting ready to face some severe scrutiny for turning up pregnant and unwed! And never mind the anguish she was going to cause her family, who would be forced to disown her or face the same rejection.

You see, true praise isn’t grounded in your circumstances. Mary sang and praised God for the same reasons that we ought to be singing and praising God every day of the year. Mary sang because of her salvation. So, as you unwind from Christmas, don’t just settle back into business as usual. Take something special from this Christmas. How about taking a better appreciation of who Christ is and what he did? While you may have celebrated the birth of Christ in December, you should experience the life of Christ every day as he lives in and through you.


By Dr. James Spinnati

Contributing Columnist