Go Tell

By Dr. James Spinnati - Contributing Columnist



Did you ever hear of the story of John Currier? Currier was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison in 1949. He was moved later and sent to work close to Nashville, Tennessee on a farm. In 1968 Currier’s sentence was commuted and a letter was sent to him bearing the great news. Unfortunately, John never saw the letter and no one contacted him or told him about it. John continued to work as hard as he did before on that farm with no hope. Through all the years that he was incarcerated John continued doing exactly what he was told and worked hard each day.

In 1978 a state parole board officer learned about Currier’s predicament. He finally found him and told him the good news—that his sentence had been terminated. At last, he was a free man! He could break free and live his life now!

When you think of that story ask yourself, “Would it matter to me if someone sent me an important message—the most important message in my life—and year after year the message was never delivered” Those of us who have heard the Good News of Jesus Christ have experienced freedom from our sins. It is our responsibility to proclaim it to the entire world and tell people what a difference Christ has made in our lives. Ask yourself this: Are you doing all you possibly can do to make sure people hear the message of Christ? Are you willing to take it to the ends of the earth? I challenge you to seek out those in your life who are lost and looking for hope. Share with them the hope you have, so that they may also experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ.


By Dr. James Spinnati

Contributing Columnist