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Pleasant Grove Community Church is located on SR 139 north of Minford. The name of this church led me to a search finding that many churches in this country have the name, Pleasant Grove. I thought there might be a biblical reference for that and I am curious by nature anyway.

Well, in going to my Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible I found that pleasant is mentioned Biblically over 50 times. So I went to three Bibles to study wording in Genesis two, verse nine. My Illustrated Bible used the phrase beautiful. The International version said, “and the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground — trees that are pleasing to the eye and good for food.”

It was going to the King James version that I found the term was originally pleasant instead of pleasing or beautiful. But primarily the reference is to trees and in the case of this church a grove.

However, Pastor Michael Wyatt of the Pleasant Grove Community Church in our most recent visit gave a hint when he said the little rural community around him used to be referred to as Pleasant Grove. Groves of pleasant trees are still a part of the landscape locally to this church.

The church was not unfamiliar to us as we had attended with my aunt Ruth Arthur who attended and played piano here many years ago. Though it always had the same name as I recall, many also called it Ben Byrd’s Church. It may have been a Baptist affiliation at that time and he was the church minister. A plaque to the front of the church refers to this and recognizes him! It was later sold and came to be the Community Church.

In the Pastor’s opening comment he said we are a little church full of spirit. In his prayer, he said, “Almighty God, many people are looking for a big crowd but I am just looking for a church with God in it.” Also, he said that the Bible says we should make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

There was great talent in that little church. So, therefore, the noise was a great blessing as well as joyful. The Pastor sang and played the guitar along with a very talented young man named Terry Nunley. The piano player I had known long ago was a granddaughter of one special 4H advisor, Wilma Smith. Her name is Melony Conley.

Beverly and I were honored to be invited to the choir but we declined leaving us at our seats to sing with the congregation.

Hymns included: Washed in the blood, I shall never forget the day, When God dips his love in my heart, Sweet hour of prayer, Life is like a house and Near the cross. Plus I believe a few more. Goldie and Wes Meghmen each sang a beautiful solo in their seat!

At one point the Pastor asked his congregation to stand for the reading of God’s word. At that time he read for them from Revelation Chapter 20, verse one to nine.

His sermon was based on Jesus returning after over 2,000 years and he would be returning with his judgment. He went on to say there is victory in Jesus today. He said, “Glory to God, his word is truth today… you can take it to the bank.

He went on to say, “the devil has always deceived us, but one day soon the Lord is coming back! If you have Jesus and his word you have all you need.” He said that Jesus will make all things new… that is his promise today.

He said one can wack the devil by getting his Bible after him. As we learned as far back as Bible school, it is the armor of God.

Wyatt spoke of his excitement for Jesus Christ. He said that in his career as a truck driver he finds that Kentucky route seven isn’t the road in which to show excitement. And at times as I throw up an arm in praise and those I pass most likely think I am waving.

He spoke that all scripture has been fulfilled. We currently live in a period of grace. Someday the Lord will say, go get my church. He introduced the phrase God’s Protective Service, GPS. He also pointed out that Jesus said he would never leave us. In that Christ bought and paid for our sins we all get to go home.

He characterized John Wayne in that the judgment of Jesus would come to pass. It better than Wayne walking onto a Western screen ready to put down the bad guy. God is there for all who receive him giving each a devil-free card. The Lord offers a haven of rest just inside his door. He lastly pointed out some scripture in Revelation and the song: Now the cross… is was lightly played during the invitation. Lastly, he said the devil cannot take our soul. To be absent in this body is to be present in the Lord!

Wyatt also reminded his congregation as to the Carter Sister’s special evening of singing for the church. He exclaimed that this is an old fashioned country church where we try to share the Gospel of the Lord.

He asked all to stand in praising the Lord. Raise one arm and say Praise the Lord, raise a second arm and say, Hallelujah. Then raise both arms again and say Amen!

What a fun evening service we shared with the folks of the Pleasant Grove Community Church. Such a lovely place, such lovely people. We hope you will stop by and pay them a visit. Tell them the Ruckers sent ya!

As believers, let us share the Good News! Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world! Each one…reach one! See ya in church!


Randy Rucker

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