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Beverly and I were not sure where we might go to church on father’s day. However, we did know what direction we were heading and were expecting an eleven o’clock start at the church of our intent. Then we found this one started at eleven thirty. We drove around a block or so passing one church where a little girl said our church starts at noon but you are welcome to come in. We drove a little further and saw another church we had not remembered seeing before.

Looking up Kinney Street we noticed a pretty good crowd of youthful people visiting outside waiting to go in. We decided to check this out and found the Faith Living Temple Church, Inc.

Finding the start time would be in less than ten minutes at eleven A.M. we had been guided to this lovely Portsmouth Ohio service and “wow” we had come to a church where the spirit of the people in worship warmed our hearts. For better than two and a half hours we worshiped with this congregation.

Once while standing in my yard a lady pulled up and got out of her car to come to speak with me about churches we had been visiting. She said I have gone to several of the churches you have written about and enjoyed them very much. She went on to say, but of the churches, you have attended are there any that stand out in your mind that you might recommend.

I told her we are sharing stories about churches and the people of faith who worship within and are not in the business of recommending one over another. I said if we were looking for a church that we loved we would have ended our journey long ago.

There are wonderful churches in the community we attended on this day. We have been to several and have several more to attend. I observe that the neighboring Pastors often speak at each other’s church. This is a community of churches and a community of faith. We would love to go back next week but we have many more places to go where we know we will have wonderful experiences worshiping with many other people within their churches.

The Lord brought us to this church as he will guide us elsewhere another week. There was no doubt in our minds we were going to experience a very spirit filled Father’s Day service.

There was so much involvement in this church I couldn’t catch names. May I say the praise band was awesome! I guess you would call Natisha Sayles the praise leader as she led the stage singers and congregation in a beautiful songfest. From what I could find out this wasn’t just a Father’s Day spectacular, this goes on every week.

While Natisha shared her energy and enthusiasm for worship amidst Hallelujahs, clapping and a bit of stage dance we joined in on such songs as “Nobody greater, How great thou art, and perhaps the longest version of How great is our God,” I have ever heard. There were more well-known titles amidst this medley of worship songs!

Key thoughts shared in the morning included its Hallelujah, How great is our God, Praise God, My heart will sing and the list goes on and on! Natisha added worship praise throughout such as “we thank God for his love and presence in this place.” The praise band along with the praise singers were how do I say it, a blessing to this congregation!

Another thing we heard throughout the service was that if you need help you get help through the Lord Jesus Christ. One example was a young man rising to claim he had been fighting an addiction and needed prayer. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the name of the guy at the podium at the time, (as Beverly often says God knows who he is) but he said to the young man come on up we don’t have to wait. Many in the congregation joined in on this very special prayer. At one point a young boy, Annika Malone, came forward to share a beautiful scripture reading amidst shouts of Amen and pleasure!

Prayers were plentiful throughout the morning. The collection plate prayer was very unique in that the speaker spoke of possible blessings that might occur from having a giving heart. Another prayer included something like this, “Father God we come to you in the name of Jesus, God of all Kings, we praise you today. We thank you Lord for all lessons, great and small.

Today is Father’s Day but we love you as our father. We thank you for what you have done and what you are going to do. We ask that we may live by the word as you have taught us to live. Help our hearts to be recipients of your words. Help us to love one another as you have loved us. Forever the praise…… in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Jesus, in your name we pray!”

It was time for Pastor Marcus Bendolph to come forward. He discussed an upcoming field trip to visit a Columbus Church which may have been their original sponsor in forming this local Living Faith Temple Church, Inc. A gentleman said to be the father of the church was recognized this Father’s Day as well as the Pastor just prior to his coming forward.

One impressive point I learned from the Pastor is that each Monday through Friday year-long church congregation members are invited to a church morning prayer at 6 A.M. That is in my book a wow!

The Pastor asked if there were any attending the church for a first time, welcoming us in a very warm way. We were the only ones. I took the opportunity to stand and mention our project to visit churches and people of faith in Scioto County Ohio. Though I do not regularly do so.

Bendolph brought forward a powerful message preaching from the Gospel of John, Chapter 21 and Second Peter 18. He also said to all that if you don’t have a bible, let us know and we will see that you have one when you leave today.

Then the Pastor mentioned a rare 5 earthquake which occurred in Cleveland Ohio in the past week. Beverly and I had not heard this and so I later verified this through Google.

Bendolph pointed out biblical signs pointing to the last days. 1) false prophets, 2) famines, pestilence and disease, 3) earthquakes where they were not expected, 4) adverse weather, etc.

He spoke of Revelation chapter 6 where it discusses: Now I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals; and I heard one of the four living creatures saying with a voice like thunder, “Come and see.” He said earthquakes are coming people of God. He said at times, this wasn’t the big one!

He also said that everyone in here needs Jesus pointing to the trials of Peter and Paul in their following of Christ and their eventual final judgment by man. It is none of our business how God is going to try your neighbor. But we will all be tried and through it all what we have to do is follow Jesus! We are told to walk by faith and not by site. Also discussed was the book of Acts, several chapters. Read the whole book of Acts and you will be sure to increase your understanding of his readings this day.

Another point he made was that the bible provokes us to live holy. Some things in your lives you will have to let go. Though he also said that a most important question we must answer in our life is, “did you follow him?” He called the devil a liar, a liar from the beginning, a thief. The point being we should keep him out of our life. Lastly, Bendolph said I am not going to hell because I didn’t tell you right. The bible said, be quick to hear and slow to speak.

Happy Father’s Day, remember to be glad that Jesus has given us another chance. When the devil try’s to destroy your tabernacle, your home and life God knows about it and will raise you up. I personally am going to follow him because the big one is coming. He is going to shake all the Mountains and they are going to fall. If you are not ready you had better run for your life to the altar! Come to Jesus right now. He will save you right now!

As we hurried out for Father’s Day dinner with family, I caught a quick hug from a lady I worked with for many years in the Scioto County Courthouse. Making new friends is great but seeing familiar faces always means a lot as well. Stop by and see Dorothy Nelson and all the other lovely folks within the congregation of this Faith Living Temple Church, Inc. We had so much fun worshipping with this family of believers! Tell them the Ruckers sent ya!

As believers, let us share the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior of the World! Each one reach one! See ya in church!


Randy Rucker

Reach Randy Rucker at [email protected]

Reach Randy Rucker at [email protected]