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Recently we met Kent Powell who introduced us to a T.V. script coming from the movie Coal Miner’s Daughter, “He did good boss, he did good”! Well, we could classify our visit to his church and his service about that way.

We found the Faith Fellowship Church just out of McDermott Ohio. Beverly plus Chris and Stephanie Neff joined me on our visit. A beautiful morning and a lovely drive greeted us.

George Thompson, a trustee was conducting adult Sunday School as we walked in. Later we met Ron McClurg who taught Sunday school for quite a few years. Patty Lute was piano player throughout the service and at one point she sang the song, “There’s a miracle in the making.”

My notes say the Pastor Kent who had been born and raised here is the son of a Pastor/ father (Jack Powell) of the Otway area who actually founded this church at other location prior to being here.

As to the opening reference regarding the Coal Miner’s Daughter, Kent spoke of a local family friend from the Otway area who had served as a road manager for Loretta Lynn. His name having been Kenton Riley. The local boy actually had a part in the movies as Kent joked, playing himself. As Pastor Powell picked up a guitar and sang it was obvious he possessed his own talent in the field of music!

Kent spoke of his father and the history of Faith Fellowship Church. Suter Hoople of the well known Otway farm landmark and orchard took Jack under his wing and probably played a part in his coming into the ministry.

I believe it was Mary Margaret Freeman who I had the pleasure of knowing through the Otway Institute I have talked about before who helped develop this church, first meeting in the Hoople barn at the orchard.

Prior to this church being the Faith Fellowship Church, it had been the Assembly of God Church. Kent had begun his service to the ministry as a Pastor under that church. Of course, today as I have said Kent is the Pastor of Faith Fellowship Church.

Kent perhaps having spent some time as a traveling Evangelist said that to be a good Evangelist all one needs is three sermons and a suit for Easter and one suit for funerals. And now he has served as Pastor here for the past several years. His father served here over 10 years.

It was asked if anyone had a song on this day and eight children came forward treating the congregation to a beautiful assortment of youthful Christian songs. Then the Pastor came, guitar in hand singing “I believe.”

Later 3 children returned to sing, “I have been blessed!” A first verse: The warmth in the water, the flowers in Spring, the laughter in Summer and the changing of leaves, the food on my table, a good place to sleep, the clothes on my back and the shoes on my feet. I have been blessed!”

On this day Pastor Powell said he would be speaking from Hebrew Chapter 11 on Faith. He said he calls it the chapter of faith.

Another point he made was that when many get down and disheartened they should go to Roman’s. I loved one of the Pastor’s connotations when he said, “my interpretation doesn’t matter, in the end, it has to be Gods.”

He suggested that praying and reading the scripture doesn’t take much time. You don’t have to lose your eyes to pray to God. Just speak to him!

As the Rock of Jesus Christ, the Bible continues to maintain the remnant people. It should be in our mindset that this is the life we are going to live. The Lord is everything the Bible says he is and we should not be swayed from him.

A last excellent point made was that if we try to bolster our prayer life, delving into it, well then we will treat others as we also like to be treated. Why not bring your family and visit this wonderful McDermott church.

Let me add a special point that the youth of this church have been very competitive in Bible quiz bowls where youth from various churches compete for the satisfaction of knowing the verse and of course a trophy now and then. The youth of this church has been quite successful and their trophies adorn the hallway. On the day of our visit, they were prepping for an upcoming event. We hope you will drop by and pay the Faith Fellowship Church of McDermott a visit. Following we went to eat at a West Portsmouth Subway, where now Pastor Kent Powell said this church resided on that property just prior to moving into this beautiful church.

As believers, let us share the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior of the World! Each one reach one! See ya in church!


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