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Randy Rucker



Biblically the rock is mentioned ten times in Isaiah. My Strong’s Concordance tells me it is mentioned innumerable times throughout the bible.

I have always had two fascinations as Beverly might attest. One would be the collecting and carving of sticks into canes or walking sticks. The other would be the picking up of interesting rocks or Native American stone artifacts.

Maybe that would attest to my fascination for a recently formed church that resides in a Wheelersburg movie theater. It is called “The Rock.” Beverly and I recently stopped by to visit. Her sister Linda Green attends regularly.

Pastor Rick Clark was vacationing on the day of our visit but Rob Miller who delivered the message said it was well deserved. The day prior I spoke with Miller at a men’s bible luncheon organized by local Tim Doyle and others. A wonderful event that I may share later.

A rather large and talented praise band on our day consisted of Tim Rolfe — worship leader; Austin Hall, box drum — Cajon; Dave Hall, drums; Bill Raison, bass; Dan Ratcliff, guitarist; Chris Murphy, Sax. Carrying the vocal tune were singers Lynlee Wells, Candy Wells, and Debbie Ward!

The opening song was “I will call upon the Lord”. Then there was “I raise a Hallelujah”. I particularly enjoyed their last selection, “Ever be”. You will be praised, you will be praised. With Angel’s and saints we sing worthy are you! Your praise will ever be on my lips!

Then there was Communion which I am assuming is practiced weekly.

Upon beginning his presentation Miller brought up that his sermon topic for the day would be of kindness. I already knew that, as he had told me that the day prior. Probably the reason I chose to attend here. Who doesn’t need a few tips on kindness in their lives? It was funny that he said his wife laughed out loud when he told her his sermon topic. Beverly would have probably done the same as would the wives of many men.

As I understand Rick Clark had been discussing fruits of the spirit in prior sermons leading up to Rob’s current discussion on kindness! He had discussed with his wife using an apple as a comparison to a likeness with the work of Christ. An apple must be cored, sliced and seeds removed in preparing for its purpose.

So it is with each of us that fruit likenesses should be developing in our lives. Kindness, joy, peace and love about wrap it up. These are attributes of Christ. We should make these important in our lives.

I conclude with Rob’s presentation of what we have long known as “The Golden Rule” often quoted from Luke 6:31. His translation is from the New International version of the Bible, “do to others as you would like them to do to you”.

As believers, let us share the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior of the World! Each one, reach one! See ya in church!


Randy Rucker

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Reach Randy Rucker at [email protected]