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Things have come and gone in New Boston. I remember the Lone Eagles Archery Club, of which I may have been one of their youngest members. Many will remember the more recent closing of the American Restaurant.

The population of this local village has drifted down significantly from its 1920 population where more than twice the number of people lived there as compared to now. As the population has changed, so has the business community through the years.

You would have to travel back to 1905 to remember the F.C. Duvall and Company grocers and their horse-drawn delivery wagon. Many will remember the long gone Bluebird Bakery but could not remember the A.W. Adam’s Bakery and their motorcar deliveries operating in the very early 1900s

A dark cloud floated over the city in 1913 when it’s Mayor was the first Ohio official to be booted out of office by an Ohio Governor.

But on a more positive note are the people of faith and churches that reside in the village today. The one we recently visited had once been the New Boston Methodist/Episcopal Church.

A vibrant and interesting Pastor leads the flock or should I say church family in this still standing beautiful historic church on Gallia Street. We were recently blessed to attend a worship service of the Victorious Life Worship Center. Pastor Vickie Bays and her talented family and reverent congregation welcomed us throughout the service. Beverly and both Chris and Stephanie Neff accompanied me during this Sunday morning service.

Before returning to be a church it has been the Oasis Health Center purchased in 2011, the congregation and its leadership have remodeled steadily along the way bringing it to the warm and inviting worship center it is today.

The talent of its praise band is amazing. Lead singer on this day was Jessee Bockway; Keyboard, Brooke Messer; Bass guitar, Zach Conley and playing drums was Bill Conley.

Pastor Vickie opened this service praying that we have come to worship you and give praise in the name of Jesus! As we come to worship we ask that you pour out your spirit on this place.

I particularly enjoyed her prayer greeting. Father, we thank you, we praise you and worship your name. We exult you because you are so Holy and good. There are no words to express! Loved her good morning to everyone, welcome in Jesus name.

She also explained that her sermon title today would be, “when I cast my seed out there I always enjoy watching God reap his harvest!”

Much of her discussion was through the book of Acts. Talking of Saul, the Pastor said he was a religious activist who did not understand this Jesus. He did not know what prompted people to follow this Jesus. Paul may have thought, this man is dead but yet people still preach about him though he is alive.

She explained that in Acts John was baptized with water in that we all may be baptized by the holy spirit. She spoke of distractions. Many people turn against Christ because they don’t understand.

Vickie also discussed in Acts 9 the story of Ananias, commanding him to go to Saul in that he may lay his hands on him to regain his sight. Ananias responded with “here I am Lord. You are my Lord and I am your servant”. So basically he told the Lord I am your servant and I’m in. So it was that Ananias went to Saul, the notorious enemy of Jesus. It was from that contact that Saul became Paul, esteemed Christian in support of Jesus leaving his role as a persecutor of Christians.

Let me flash back to my visit with Pastor Vicki Bays who explained to me some of the foundations in developing the Victorious Life Fellowship Church. Beverly and I noticed that most congregation enter through the back door. Not us, we took the long steps up through the front door, our favorite way to enter a church. However, we loved the work that they had done at the back entrance restoring the old bricks to their beauty.

I especially loved the story of how the Lord called her son, Jessee Bockway dedicated his life in 2015. After two hours of having asked for the church keys, he summoned her in, where she found him singing on the church platform. But that was only the beginning as he grew in his gift. A guitar and a promise and more miracles led to his songwriting. His work was instrumental in building the praise team I mentioned earlier. Each member has their own story and Pastor Bays are convinced that God put them together! The same inspiration and dedication of the people within this church were visible to each of us in our visit.

As I set at my pew I could see cars flashing by on the busy Gallia Street. I thought those people should stop here and share in the joy of these people and their church!

As believers, let us share the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior of the World! Each one reach one! See ya in church!


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