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A church sign spoke of the season, “This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to give thanks to the one doing the giving.” Well the dinners may be over but the words spoken on that sign stay true.

A lover of history I had to take a peak back. Several years ago I took the family to Pilgrim’s Rock at Thanksgiving where we experienced a traditional dinner with modern day Pilgrims, Native Americans and re-enactor Abe Lincoln. The real Lincoln proclaimed on October 3 1863 that Thanksgiving would forever be a day recognized by Americans.

But after further study I find that one must not overlook credit to President George Washington. On December 18, 1777 a then General declared a National day of Thanksgiving. Though a formal proclamation wasn’t given until the President George Washington did so in 1789. It was Abraham Lincoln who established a permanent federal holiday.

On an unusually cold early November Sunday we found ourselves searching for our eightieth visit to a Scioto County church. I thought eighty had a particularly nice ring to it. We had several churches in close proximity within our target area with similar start times to choose from.

Next thing you know the decision had been made and we pulled into the Harvest Chapel of Sciotoville.

We walked in to find we arrived in time for Sunday School and the morning’s lesson by Mike Preast covered the biblical Noah! He said that if we stand for the Lord he will never defy us, pointing out that Noah lived by faith and was given the specifications to build an arc with directions to do so. Lastly he expressed that when God wants us to do something we must do it the way he asks.

Following Sunday School there was a little greeting time and a young lady by the name of Leslie Reynolds Masters came over and said are you Drew Rucker’s uncle. Of course I said yes, with her saying he was a good friend at Valley High School. I told her I would tell him I spoke with her but since I forgot, here ya go Drew!

There was an opening song “O, I want to see him.” Then we got to see a three year old little girl named Madison pass the collection plate. Did a great job, very cute!

Then there were two more beautiful hymns, “He is to me” and Who am I!” A both instrumental and vocal song service was conducted by Leslie Reynolds, Gary Reynolds, Mike Preast and Linda Reynolds (also the church piano player.)

Jason Bailey presented the message as the Pastor (Chris Preast)could not be there on this day. He mentioned that he was speaking from Roman’s 1 through about verse thirty two. Why not look it up and take some time to read these verses!

Jason spoke of a hard loss of his grandfather and multiple tragedies around the world specifically California and Israel.

At one point he said, “where would be were it not for the grace of God. We are all sinners surrounded by the love of Christ. The image of Christ should shine in us to repel the evil in our lives.”

He also suggested that the Power of God was revealed to us through our salvation by Jesus Christ

Before going into final prayer Jason said that we should thank the Lord who gave us the ultimate glory! For the revelation of your son, “we thank you Lord!”

There would be room for others here at Harvest Chapel. Drop by and pay them a visit! As believers, let us share the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior of the World! Each one, reach one! See ya in church!


Randy Rucker

Reach Randy Rucker at [email protected]

Reach Randy Rucker at [email protected]