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Randy Rucker



New Boston got its name when a group of Boston Massachusets Capitalists bought into a logging operation located in the area. New Boston has always been a very busy segment of Scioto County.

New Boston was considered an ammunitions mecca during World War II. Then the Wheeling Steel Corporation, the local company manufactured some of the army’s largest orders of 250- and 500-lb. bombs, becoming the largest center of production for 500-lb. bombs. Many of you will not have known that.

On a recent Sunday, Beverly, I, Chris and Stephanie Neff entered the heart of this community to attend the First Christian Holiness Church, and the preacher’s 8-year-old son, Andrew, came back and reached his hand out to me with a handshake and solemn look on his face. I have seen it before, the face of an official greeter who takes his job seriously. A sister, Rachael Bentley, who helps us in our home, had come over, greeting us as well. I had been telling her for some time that we would be dropping into her church. Today was that day. Her father, Lorenzo Bentley, is the church pastor, and we had the pleasure of meeting Rachel’s mother Amanda for the first time. Pastor Lorenzo had joined Rachael at my big surprise birthday party last summer. The rainy day didn’t cast a shadow on our way to worship with the great folks attending First Christian Holiness Church on this day.

Albert Brown was wrapping up the Sunday school service as we walked in. Then Rachel Bentley, assistant Sunday school superintendent, welcomed all to the church service. The Sunday school director, Joe Freeman, was not present on this day.

We were told the piano player, Betty Jarrels, had gone home sick. Therefore, Carol Bentley led a song service that had this fella bouncing up and down in his chair giving Rachael a good giggle. Reminded me of 4-H Camp. One message might be the remembrance of celebrating Christ with a childlike faith, as Beverly likes to say.

Segments of something like 13 songs were sung by the congregation.

Some of the collection of songs were something like this: “I have that down in my heart, Give me oil in my lamp, Sing Hossana to the King, Hallelujah praise ye the Lord, Up and up and down or whatever, God is so good, God answers prayer and is so good to me, I love him so, He is coming soon, What a day that will be, There will be no sorrow there and I can trust Jesus for he takes care of me. The last one went something like this, when it seems all is lost, just when things look hopeless, our God delivers again.”

A congregation member sang a special song in memory of her sister who went to be with the Lord. At the top of the ladder what joy it will be, as I climb the Gospel ladder. Everyday that I climb, every step on the ladder is a victory for me. Get on this Gospel ladder and I will not be afraid to climb as the Angels are holding the ladder for me.

A young man named John McKinzie delivered a testimony, sharing his fall into grace after making some bad choices in his rebellious youth. He fell backwards from a rock overlooking Franklin Furnace along Route 52. He fell 80 feet, rolled another 30 feet and, if he would have rolled another 10 feet, he would have fallen another 30 feet. He was life flighted and coded, and required immediate brain surgery. Following surgery, he was in a coma for four months and seven days. His family was told he would probably live his life as a vegetable. Lastly, in his testimony, he had great praise for the Lord, saying he had to learn how to do everything all over again. Today, with the help of a cane, he walked up steps to a podium for his delivery.

Then there was a song that went something like this, “As the Lord looks among us, in my heart I am rejoicing. Thank you Lord for your blessings on me.”

Pastor Bentley came forward to present the message, saying the Lord gave you life, and I will trust in the Lord. And the Lord can bring us joy and peace into our life.

Some think we can do as we want, but there must be sacrifice and obedience in our lives. God will take care of us in our lives. If we have questions, God will answer in his way. He said, “I am the Lord thy God, and I change not.”

In the standard God set a long time ago, it is all there in His word and all we have to do is read the Bible. God breathed into mankind when he made him. Our souls can be guaranteed to destiny, guaranteed a place. Our body will fall, but our soul can rise.

The pastor said, “We have to listen to what the Lord says and be obedient. Praise the Lord to gain a home in heaven with God.

“The Lord will be there to lead us and guide us when we are in trouble. When we have no one else, he will lift us up. He will take care of us in every situation.”

We all have two choices, one to be obedient and listen to God, being blessed in our lives with the hand of God, or we can rebel and suffer the consequences into eternity. He loves me as much as he loves you. Praise the Lord.

Pastor Bentley turned the final hymn over to the congregation, and choir leader Carol Bentley, who had been involved in the song service along with Rachael Bentley.

It was a lovely service with great people, and if you are in the area, why not drop by and visit. How can you miss it, for it is located adjacent to another famous landmark, Hickie’s Hamburgers. Though if you want a hamburger, you’ll have to wait til Monday.

As believers, let us share the good news of Jesus Christ as Savior of the World. Each one reach one. See ya in church.


Randy Rucker

Reach Randy Rucker at [email protected]

Reach Randy Rucker at [email protected]