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RSV worries


There has recently been a lot of unreasonable worry about RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) infections again. RSV can cause bronchiolitis which is inflammation of the small airways of infants and children. Bronchiolitis causes wheezing and can be quite distressful, especially in babies with heart disease, prematurity, lung disease or other serious illness. However RSV usually causes just a runny nose and a cough, which closely resembles the cold caused by many other viruses. Also other viruses can cause bronchiolitis and wheezing. Whether just a cold or wheezing is caused by RSV, or some other virus makes no difference for the treatment or management. There is no specific treatment. Asthma medications, used to treat wheezing in older children with asthma, do not help and can add to the problem because they increase heart rate, make it difficult to rest and increase oxygen need.

Being thankful


As soon as my eyes open each morning, I give thanks for the air going in and out of my lungs. Another day – I am alive. God still has a purpose for this timeworn gal. So, I pray for my family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and humans around the globe; some I know and most I don’t know.



My name is Collin Docterman. I currently serve as Chair of the Scioto County Democratic Party. I am a hospice nurse aide and my wife and I currently foster two young children.

The Future of Truth


To quote that timeless sage Yogi Berra, “The future ain’t what it used to be.” Just last week, a House committee hearing on abortion restrictions took an unexpected turn Thursday when a Democratic witness who works for Planned Parenthood testified that men can become pregnant. Dr. Bhavik Kumar, medical director for primary and trans care at Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, replied in the affirmative after being asked by Rep. Andrew Clyde, Georgia Republican, if men could become pregnant. “So men can have pregnancies, especially trans men,” Dr. Kumar told the House Oversight and Reform Committee. Wait, what? If I would have written, posted or even said aloud what I just wrote 10 years ago I wouldn’t have believed my own words!

Movie Review: Barbarian


Directed by: Zach Cregger

Sinking my teeth into the job


I spent a week eating my memories.

Letter to the EditorThe Pride display issue isn’t about protecting kids


A Pride display and a handful of kids’ books is an awfully small thing to get worked up about, but these are small-minded people. For about a month now the Portsmouth Public Library has been harassed and browbeat over a Pride display with some LGBT books for kids.

Fat Science: Eating yourself


Autophagy, self eating, - it’s actually a thing.

Planter Pots Make Flower Gardening a Breeze


Most home gardeners agree that perennials are less trouble than annual bedding plants, because “they come back every year so you don’t have to plant them again and again”. We agree with this sentiment, however very few perennials provide all-season color, so the best flower gardens have both annuals and perennials.

The bad-to-the-bone bugs in Ohio


All bugs serve a predestined purpose on the earth – right? Well, not in my flower garden or in my vegetable garden. I grew up helping my grandmothers and mother in their gardens. And these country women prized their plants, but despised potato bugs and Japanese beetles, especially. When bad bugs destroyed crops, that meant less food for the rural family.


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