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Scioto County Career and Technical Center (SCCTC) is known for encouraging students to engage in giveback campaigns that teach the importance of community. Most of the service projects come from volunteerism focused on skilled trades and their unique educational journeys. Nathan Duke’s psychology class is showcasing that student volunteerism goes beyond the skilled trades SCCTC is known for, however.

Duke teaches social studies to juniors and seniors at SCCTC, where he has been shaping young lives for 12 years.

“I have a senior psychology class and I gave them the task of planning community service projects that would give back to the community,” Duke explained. “They gathered things for new mothers and causes like that. We had one group that did an amazing job at assembling Easter baskets for Children and Family Services. They raised a lot of money, a good bit of which came from the American Legion and Ollie’s restaurant. In my head, I had them going out in the community, doing small acts of good, but they stepped up and went above and beyond. Anytime students get to come up with an idea themselves and run with it is great. It gives them a sense of accomplishment like no other.”

Duke instructed his class on the importance of giving back and the psychology of community. The class then broke into teams and devised plans to give back. The class selected eight projects that included Easter baskets for Scioto County Children’s Services and were able to come up with ten baskets with leftover profit going to CRADLE; a clothing drive for the school’s clothing closet was held and 22 pieces were collected; a baby supply drive raised ten items; a fundraiser was held for teen mothers; two groups merged to benefit the Salvation Army; a group was pulled together to benefit the Domestic Violence Shelter; and area shelters were also benefited.

“Since we are a career and technical center wanting to get students directly out into the field, it is good to give them a sense of community and desire to give back to people who may be in need of a little extra help,” Duke said. “The students were positive and took ownership of the project. Some of them went above and beyond, especially Kayla Giles and Macie Rhoads. They took it upon themselves to do the shopping for the Easter baskets, assembled them, and made contacts to deliver them. They took donation items at their places of work, asked different community businesses if they would donate, and took everything upon themselves.”

A total of $945.32 was raised, alongside 32 pieces of clothing and baby supplies.

“It felt good to give back to our community,” Macie Rhoads said. “Every kid deserves to celebrate holidays and some kids don’t have as much joy in their lives as they should.”

Superintendent Kyle Copley is not shocked by the success of the project, saying that SCCTC has a history of teaching students to give back in big ways, but is incredibly proud of Mr. Duke’s class for their victory.

“The Scioto County CTC students and staff continue to serve the community through providing a skilled workforce as well as community service,” Copley said. “Many of our staff and students provide volunteerism and community services throughout our county and try to give back in ways that make a positive impact on our citizens and non-profit organizations. We have had many groups adopt projects to help our community in past years, which help our community continue to be a great place to live. The SCCTC takes pride in our community and are not embarrassed of where we came from. For over 50 years we have generationally provided families with the resources needed to succeed in life. I can speak for all our staff and students and say we are all Votech proud and are continually impressed every year with our students and the type of commitment and pride they have in our community. Mr. Duke and his students are no different. They are an awesome group and I am very proud of what they are doing.”

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