Older Americans Month declared in Scioto County

PORTSMOUTH- The Scioto County Commissioners urge residents to get to know our older population and have declared May to be Older Americans Month at the request of the Area Agency on Aging District 7.

“There’s so much wisdom, there’s so much knowledge within our older American population. Sometimes we forget,” said Commissioner Scottie Powell. “If you have an older individual in your life, spend time with them.”

Something many people may not realize is how integral older residents are to local organizations. They are still engaged with and in the community, particularly organizations run largely on volunteer efforts.

“The backbone of many of our volunteer organizations is older Americans,” Powell said.

Commissioner Bryan Davis thanked AAA7 staff for their efforts in continuing to serve older residents in Scioto County. He also urged locals to reach out to the senior community so their wisdom isn’t lost.

“Spend time and ask a lot of questions. When you lose your parents, you lose your loved ones, grandparents. You lose that connection to the past. We learn from our past,” Davis said. “We need to take the time to ask important questions so later on we’re not left without answers that can’t be found.

“We do need to visit our elderly and our older population and show our love and appreciation.”

Commissioner Cathy Coleman also said it’s important to reach across the generations to share life experiences.

“They have worthwhile experiences to share with us,” she said. “You only have that one chance.”

AAA7 lobbies for the aging population, but also is there for such things as providing home additions such as ramps or showering facilities so seniors can stay in their homes as long as possible.

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