FBP employee earns Silver Medallion award for life-saving actions

PIKE COUNTY —Fluor-BWXT Portsmouth’s Ashley Jordan recently received one of Fluor’s highest awards for taking life-saving actions to help a stranger. She is the first woman at the Portsmouth site to earn the prestigious Silver Medallion Award. FBP managers and board members presented the award.

When she received the award on April 26, Jordan was nearly speechless, “I was completely surprised and did not know it was happening,” she said.

Fluor’s Silver Medallion is a distinguished award given to employees who act in a lifesaving manner and assist others in distress, either on or off the job. The award was established in 1992, and recipients embody Fluor’s most vital commitment of protecting each other.

Five minutes after finishing work at an offsite event in January, Jordan realized she had to run home before returning to the office. It was then that she noticed a serious car accident on the road ahead. Immediately shifting her Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) training into high gear, she pulled over and stabilized the victim until emergency response teams could arrive. In the meantime, Jordan updated the victim’s parents by telephone from the accident scene.

FBP Environmental Remediation (ER) Director J.D. Chiou said he couldn’t be more proud of Jordan’s quick response.

“It was really nice for Ashley to receive this very significant award directly from Fluor and FBP senior managers, we are all very proud of her,” Chiou said.

Jordan, an integration lead for the ER group, has worked for FBP for the past 12 years. In addition to regular duties, Jordan assists with company events such as Science Alliance, Science Bowl, STEAM Ahead, and volunteers regularly in her community as a 4-H advisor, serves on the YMCA board, is vice president of the Christmas Gifts for Children program, and has coached little league sports.

When asked to recall the accident, Jordan described the scene in vivid detail.

“Her car was thrown over the embankment, right in front of me, and the tires were still spinning on the car,” Jordan said. “I just ran down there, blindly, wondering if the driver was alone or if there were children in the car.”

There were no passengers in the vehicle. Jordan saw that someone was trying to free the victim from the car, but seeing the condition of the victim, insisted that she not be moved. The two were surrounded by a sea of glass from the accident before the victim was removed from the vehicle by an extrication device and flown to a hospital for treatment.

If it had not been for Jordan’s quick actions, the accident victim may not have survived or may have suffered more permanent injuries.

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