SSU Healthcare Administration graduate is making plans

PORTSMOUTH- Graduating this semester from Shawnee State University, Brenna Woodard knew she wanted a career in Healthcare Administration.

‘’I wanted to do the Healthcare Administration major because I want to help our aging population and give them the care and quality of life they deserve,” she said. “Our aging population is kind of an overlooked population to care for.”

A four-year bachelor’s degree offered within the C.H. Lute School of Business, the Healthcare Administration program guides students toward a career in the healthcare industry. Building their experience more during the last two years of their degree, students focus on healthcare management, with courses in accounting, problem management, administration, and marketing as they relate to health care.

“I really enjoyed my time here and the classes have been really helpful,” said Woodard. “It’s one of the best healthcare administration programs in the country.”

Ranked among the Top 15 long-term care administration bachelor’s degree programs in the nation, SSU’s program ranked #1 in 2018-2019. The two tracks within the program – healthcare administration and long-term care administration – require students to complete an internship where they can gain hands-on experience working within the healthcare field.

“I have not found the program to be a very difficult,” said Woodard. “Especially in my major, the class sizes have been extremely small, so I got a lot of one-on-one attention which was very helpful.”

After graduation, Woodard is looking forward to starting her career working in a nursing home. Many graduates after completing their degree find themselves in careers within hospitals, nursing homes, or clinics. Other graduates use their bachelor’s degree as a stepping stone to pursue an advanced degree in Healthcare Administration.

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