CHIP working to keep people in their homes


PORTSMOUTH-Many people in Scioto County are struggling just to get by. Sometimes that can mean letting repairs on homes go for awhile. But that runs the risk of them getting out of hand.

There is help for these homeowners as part of the CHIP fund, or the Community Housing Impact and Preservation program. CHIP is aimed at owner-occupied homes, the owners of which might be elderly or on a fixed income and need things such as roof repairs or wheelchair ramps installed.

“The cost of repair now has just gone through the roof,” said Scioto County Commissioner Bryan Davis. “Our average repair now is $50,000.”

Over the last 10 years more than $5 million in federal grand dollars have been spent to make repairs. That money also provided jobs by hiring local contractors to do the work.

“We have a housing crisis,” Davis said. “Every house we can save, we need to save it.”

Another way the county is preparing for revitalization is by bringing down buildings through the land bank that have long outlived their usefulness. Davis said he understands some area residents are concerned, but there is a process.

“We’re tearing down a lot of things, and the buildings are just done,” he said. “It goes through two sheriff’s sales before it gets to us. Anyone who could rehab it has looked at it and has passed.”

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