Ferrell and Turner

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Meta Mojo, the Texas-based promotional company owned by Portsmouth native MJ Godfrey-Brickey is ready to raise the roof of the Vern Riffe Center for the Arts in a major concert featuring the talents of Chris Turner and Rick Ferrell.

According to Meta Mojo’s Marie Darnell-Brown, “Rick Ferrell is a raw talent and a genius with lyrics. People think he has only contributed to country songs and one of the most-played radio songs of all time, but he has written and contributed to gorgeous female-artist pieces like Martina McBride’s ‘Where Would You Be” and mellifluous pop-like compositions such as actor Riley Smith’s ‘Chocolate.’ Ferrell also has some self-release tunes coming out soon, and he works for a publisher writing music for all sorts of mainstream entertainers, including Montgomery Gentry and The Swon Brothers.”

Darnell-Brown also touched on Turner, claiming, “Chris Turner has a good-timing country sound, but as a former US Marine who has done tours of duty, he also writes decadent experience pieces that can bring you to your knees right next to a wounded warrior or a tortured soul. We admire Turner because he uses his platform to help raise awareness and be a voice for other veterans. Turner has charted at No. 16 on iTunes with his “American Made” EP Release and been featured in Forbes Magazine Feature with UFC Legend/Actor Randy Couture. He has had over 70,000 views of the official ‘If You Drink’ music video across all social media platforms.”

Meta Mojo had major success recently, under its single night at the Columbia Music Hall, where they organized a Nashville concert for over 250 guests.

This concert was originally part of larger plans to grow Columbia efforts, but the plan fell through, and the venue was altered to feature the much larger Vern Riffe Center for the Arts (VRCFA).

“Originally, this event was scheduled elsewhere, headlining Chris Turner, featuring Big Smo, with Rick Ferrell jumping on stage to perform the song he wrote, ‘All In The Same Boat,’ with the duo,” Darnell-Brown said. “However, with the changing locations and contract dates, the show morphed into celebrating a hometown hero and a Nashville singer-songwriter, Chris Turner, who has successfully released one of his songs.”

The concert organizers are excited to highlight the two talents, explaining that the juxtaposition is a good contrast, and the musicians will play well together to entertain a large crowd.

“This sort of show is rare and one of a kind because you get to see a well-known songwriter with one of the breaking artists who have released a song they have written — this is not to mention it is a songwriter in his home place on the river singing a song he wrote ‘All In The Same Boat,’” Darnell-Brown said. “They will get an authentic Nashville artisan experience with the one-of-kind viewing you would only get somewhere like Austin City Limits. I cannot express enough how special this show will be.”

Meta Mojo has expressed great interest in the Portsmouth area, where Godrey-Brickey grew up. The organizer has spoken highly of local efforts to form a renaissance of development and her own desire to see economic development through entertainment and tourism.

“Portsmouth is on the cusp of commerce and education-based revitalization. There must be entertainment to aid that process of enrichment. The people who have lived in Scioto County their entire life need more enriching opportunities they do not have to drive far to enjoy,” Darnell-Brown explained. “Also, the tourism dollars from regional patrons coming to enjoy entertainment in Portsmouth will not only help local businesses and bring tax dollars that can contribute to infrastructure.

Ferrell and Turner will take over the VRCFA on April 15. Admission varies. Lower tier standard admission is $35, lower tier standard admission for seniors is $20, and lower tier standard admission for children under 12 is $20. Upper tier standard admission is $25, upper tier standard admission for seniors is $15, upper tier standard admission for children under 12 is $15. The show starts at 7 p.m. Call the McKinley Box Office at 740.351.3600 or visit vrcfa.com for more information.

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