CCM to offer offer six-week classes


Candyland Children’s Museum (CCM) is excited to be launching a six-week class schedule for children to participate in, as well as a few odd solo classes.

The six-week classes include Dramatic Play Creations, Art I, and Master Crafters.

“Our after-hours classes have become one of our favorite parts of the museum,” CCM Executive Director Megan Baum said. “In a small-group environment, we have seen children form friendships and have interests sparked. We have seen amazing artwork created and a community formed. You can expect these classes to continue to be a big part of our mission here at Candyland.”

Messy hands will be Wednesdays, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. and 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., for ages two and a half to five.

Children will learn that making art isn’t limited to crayons, markers, and paint, and have opportunities to explore many ways to create art and learn to make their own creative choices.

“We clean up the mess, they develop fine motor skills and a knack for making masterpieces. We will use snow to paint, sculpt our own snowmen, make heart collages, create doughs for color mixing, celebrate national gumdrop day with handfuls of activities, explore pasta painting, weaving and more.”

Dramatic Play Creations will be Tuesdays, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., for ages five to eight.

Students will have the opportunity to create artworks and crafts that encourage creativity and help them explore all they can be and new ways to play.

“We will be using a variety of techniques and materials to make works of art surrounding themes such as dragons and unicorns, knights and princesses, superheroes and villains, love monsters, and arctic explorers.”

Children will dig deep into art and science exploration of the imaginary and real worlds of each week. Mask making, guided drawing, textiles, sculpting, experiments, and problem solving is sure to engage and excite.

Art 1 Early Expressions will be Thursdays, 4:30 to 5:30 p.m., for ages five to eight.

An introduction to art for some of our youngest students. Early Expressions is a fun, social environment aimed to increase motor skills and confidence in creative methods. Students will have the opportunity to try new art materials and techniques. They will also be exposed to art vocabulary and famous artists. This six weeks, students will learn about textile art while creating a weaving project. They will learn about Chinese art and make artwork to celebrate the new year. They will use watercolor and acrylic paints and use canvas, paper, and cardboard. They will learn about sculpture and work at creating 3-dimensional artwork as well.

Master Crafters will be held Tuesdays, 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

“Our Master Crafters Class goes beyond crafts. It is aimed at providing a safe and nurturing environment for our oldest group of students to further expand their creativity. Through our enrichment program, students have the opportunity to develop their personal style, try media and techniques not regularly offered in school art programming, and challenge themselves to solve problems creatively,” Baum said. “Students in this class will produce paintings, 3-dimensional artworks and increase their knowledge of values during this six-week class. This session we will study Chinese New Year and make an origami lantern. The students will create a colorful sculpture, produce a weaving and learn about patterns and repetition in art. They will learn how to make paper and study masking techniques in painting.”

While the CCM primarily focuses on STEM related lessons, they frequently incorporate arts into their lessons, making for a truly in-depth STEAM experience.

“We have found that there are very few opportunities for children outside of what they learn at art class during school hours,” Baum said. “Budding artists are present all throughout our community and we consider it such a gift to be able to offer classes where these children can further their artistic studies and deepen their passion.”

Baum explained that the lessons have children sparking their imaginations as they learn hands on through these classes.

“Speaking as a mom, instead of the director, my family’s life has been blessed by the art classes at Candyland. In particular, one of my children has tried several extra-curricular activities; of all the activities he has participated in, art class is where I have seen him come most alive,” Baum recalled. “He loves learning new techniques and feels most comfortable in the small-group environment. He has made friends and has developed a deep love for art. It has been such a gift for him and has been such a blessing for me, as his mom, to find a place where he feels welcome and encouraged.”

There are also solo classes being planned, including Bluey Bonanza and Color Me Loved.

Bluey Bonanza will be held January 28, between 10 a.m. and noon, for ages three to six.

“We will host a whole morning dedicated to Bluey!” Baum said. “The children will make Bluey and Bingo headband ears. They will solve character puzzles, create character collages, be led in a step by step drawing tutorial, and make a beaded boopsie. We will play all the games; magic xylophone, keepy uppy, pass the parcel, Bluey bingo and run through an obstacle course. Finally, Bluey will make an appearance.”

Color Me Loved will be held February 4, between 10 a.m. and noon, for ages five to eight.

Students in this workshop will celebrate Valentine’s Day in new and colorful ways. Students will learn about common emotions that are represented by colors. They will use this knowledge to produce a special artwork. They will use a variety of materials and colors to make a love catcher, use clay to produce a finger imprinted key chain, and more.

Finally, the CCM will be hosting Mom’s Night Out- Block Printed Tea Towels. This is the first adult class offered by the museum. The event will be held Friday, February 3, between 7 and 8:30 p.m.

“Ever want to learn a new art technique? Maybe design something unique for your own home? Produce a creative handmade gift for another? Or maybe you’d just like to have a night out? Candyland is so excited to offer its first ever Mom’s Night Out just in time to make a sweet Valentine’s Day inspired craft,” Baum said. “Participants will have the opportunity to carve a design from a linoleum block, or choose a pre-made block to print onto tea towels to take hope at the conclusion of the evening. Wine and light snacks will be enjoyed as well. We are really looking forward to providing a fun and relaxing evening for all those Moms we love.”

Candyland Children’s Museum is at 202 Market Street. You can register for classes online at The six-week classes are $90. Solo classes are $25. Someone at Candyland may be reached by phone at 740.876.8987.

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