Detective Malone retires


Sheriff David Thoroughman recently announced the retirement of Detective Daniel Malone. Detective Malone officially retired on December 31, 2022 after serving the community for 25 years. A retirement celebration was held Wednesday, December 28th.

Detective Malone began his career on October 17, 1997 as a jailer. Malone served 14 months as a jailer, 5 years as a supervisor in the jail, 12 years on patrol and he finished his career serving 7 years as a detective.

When looking back at his career, Malone has many career milestones, but responding to a pregnant woman in distress is one of the first that comes to mind. He arrived to a scene where a woman was actively giving birth before a squad arrived and helped her through the process of birthing the baby. He said that it was the woman’s 13th child and it was an exciting experience for him.

An additional memory comes from the root of his retirement, when he was serving as protection to road crews building the bypass. An overdosed driver lost control of his vehicle and hit him going 60 miles per hour.

Despite suffering a serious concussion, three fractured vertebrae, and trouble with his eyes and ears, the detective immediately left his vehicle to check on the driver to assist him in any way possible.

“It was all I could think of. I knew I had to respond and make sure he was alright,” Malone said. “I was just filled with adrenaline.”

Malone said that he was out of work for seven months, but promised himself that he would heal and return to a job he loved.

Detective Malone has been awarded Deputy of Year, Life Saving Award, and Stork Award after helping to deliver a baby.

“I have mixed emotions with Detective Malone’s retirement,” Thoroughman claimed. “I am both happy and excited to see Detective Malone reach his career goal, but I am sad at losing a valuable asset to the office.”

While Malone has retired from his detective position, he has been rehired for a civilian position within the Sheriff’s Department.

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