McDonalds’ Boo Buckets are back


For the first time since 2016, McDonalds is welcoming back their iconic halloween pails for trick or treaters across America. The company is bringing back their most iconic trio of buckets, McBoo, a ghastly white ghost; McPunk’n, a bright orange pumpkin; and McGoblin, frightful green witch. These treats made their initial debut in 1986. All pails will be available with three separate facial expressions per character. The iconic Happy Meal is available at participating stores nationwide through October through 31, while supplies last.

Whether using it as a candy bucket for trick-or-treating, a seasonal planter, decoration, or storage, the pails prove useful to customers in a number of ways.

While Happy Meals traditionally come in a house-shaped cardboard box, the Boo Bucket meals come in a small bucket with a lid that’s designed to be reused for Trick-or-treat, or any number of things. The pail replaces the toy that typically comes with the meal to keep costs the same.

The Buckets went through a lot of change in their years. At the time of their debut, the pails were all orange, bearing only the spooky faces to differentiate between McBoo, McGoblin, and McPunk’n. It wasn’t until 1989 that the green and white colors were introduced for McGoblin and McBoo.

With so much press and interest surrounding them, it’s speculated that the Boo Buckets are likely to sell out quickly. The Adult Happy Meals of early October told a similar tale of supply and demand.

Portsmouth, Lucasville, and Wheelersburg McDonald’s are all reportedly participating in the Boo Bucket event. In order to get a bucket, all one has to do is order a Happy Meal at a participating location. While prices may vary depending on region, Happy Meal costs average between $4 to $7.

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