City manager meeting to be held Sept. 12th


Items on the agenda for the Portsmouth City Manager’s meeting Monday evening includes a salary ordinance amendment for an increase of $5,000 each to the positions of Police Chief, Fire Chief, City Engineer and Public Utilities Director Account Services. Also included is legislation to enter into a new contract between council and the City Manager, Sam Sutherland.

The city service director met with tree trimming contractor and developed a plan to remedy dead tree issues at Mound Park. The city is asking council to declare it an emergency and appropriate $18,000 for tree removal through the general fund from the Recreation/Grounds Maintenance account.

Spartan Municipal Stadium is in need of replacement of several toilets and a ball field light repair north of Branch Rickey Park. The cost of both repairs is $18,630 and the city has asked council to declare this an emergency to pay for the repairs through the general fund from the Grounds Maintenance Recreation/Grounds account.

City council has been requested to authorize $1,600,000 from the General Fund – New City Building for renovations of the former Fifth/Third Bank building as the new Portsmouth City Hall (municipal building). This authorization will fulfill the conditions of the grant agreement with the Richard D. Marting Foundation in order to proceed with the project. Appropriations for the Marting Foundation in the amount of $1,400,000 has already been approved to be appropriated upon receipt of the grant money. As certain assets are sold, the proceeds should be used to replenish the funds appropriated from the City’s General Fund. This is necessary to keep moving forward with the improvement project.

Other miscellaneous items are listed and can be heard at the Portsmouth City Manager meeting following the Portsmouth City Council meeting on Monday, September 12th.

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