While living in a small community, it is dire to remember the importance of shopping locally. While big box stores are convenient, our local, small businesses don’t have the market they do. That makes it important that we support our neighbors every chance we get. While it can sometimes add another step to shop locally, Earth Candy Farmacy makes it a little easier to shop with its fantastic little store and its recuring Localpalooza events.

Earth Candy is a local consignment shop featuring local goods that are mostly edible in nature, with around 15 to 20 vendors.

To showcase these goods, allow the public a chance to meet some of the vendors, and to bring in other non-resident vendors, the owner manages a local event outdoors called Localpalooza.

“I think it is cool for people of the community to meet the people who are behind the products in our store, but I also like the idea of just showcasing artists and having a space where people can gather and meet like-minded people,” owner Kinsey Hall said.

Hall explained that the event has many benefits.

“I have spent a lot of my own time doing my own thing and you can only go so far with Etsy shops, so having events like this gives vendors an extra opportunity,” Hall said. “But, also, I think this is unique, because it allows shoppers to learn about products from people who have tried them or getting the firsthand experience of meeting the people who make the items. You build relationships this way, rather than running in and getting what you need.”

Hall said that she plans on having around a dozen vendors onsite.

“We can’t fit a lot of people in our space, but we pull off a good event,” Hall said. “Every time the event has worked out around weather, we have a good turn out and it seems people really enjoy them. I would like to keep doing three to four a year,” Hall said. “So long as people like and turn out for them, I’ll always be open to hosting it.”

Hall also said there will be a drink station for guests, but she asks that people bring their own reusable cups, as well as reusable bags.

Localpalooza will be held at Earth Candy Farmacy on October 15, alongside Main Street Portsmouth’s Wine and Dine and the ACID Crawl. Earth Candy is at 722 Sixth Street.

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