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I remember well that enormous vehicle that traversed the local highways and byways only to end up parked at the elementary school in McDermott Ohio where I grew up. It was filled with books information which helped students such as myself to learn, shape our thoughts and beliefs thus shaping our worldview. According to George Barna, “Everyone has a worldview. Your worldview is the intellectual, emotional and spiritual filter through which you see and respond to the world. Because your worldview enables you to make sense of the world, you need a worldview to survive. Every decision you make is shaped by your worldview.”

We learn that a child’s worldview is formed between the ages of 2 and 13. This is precisely why that libraries are filled with information from which all are to benefit. The books and the display in question are designed not just to inform but to indoctrinate young minds on a topic that is quite controversial… the transgender movement. Pride displays in libraries, pride marches and books that promote the transgender movement are legitimate concerns. This is about an ideology aimed at shaping young innocent minds with idea’s they will live with!

Ideas that in fact that most Americans do not agree with. In a recent Family Research Council Action poll 56% disagree that biological males, who identify as women, should be given access to women’s spaces—like bathrooms, locker rooms, domestic abuse shelters, and prisons. 61% disagree that biological males should be allowed to compete against biological females in women’s K-12 and college sports and 73% DISAGREE with government officials and members of the media who have started using the term “birthing people.” Meaning that men can get pregnant. All of these issues are by products of the afore mentioned ideology.

From a June 16th article in the Washington Stand … American College of Pediatricians President Dr. Quentin Van Meter said… So-called gender transition procedures are “attempting to convert their sex to the opposite sex, which is medically impossible.” The goal is “affirming their biologic sex within their body and letting them live a life of happiness and contentedness and good health.”

Van Meter protested that those who want to place children on puberty blockers or other gender transition procedures are simply “giving in to the emotional whim of the child… They’re calling that affirmation … when it is truly conversion.” Dr. Van Meter continues, “When you’re born a male, you are biologically a male for every day of your life,” said Van Meter. “The ‘full force of the government’ should protect children from being converted from their biological sex into a sort of a persona that is incongruent with their sex.”

Much of the affirmation associated with the transgender ideology is based on feelings alone and not fact. If I read the scriptures correctly, Eve had a feeling. In the book of Genesis we find that after some persuasion she felt that she could follow those feelings and do what she liked. The problem was that God had the facts and regardless of how strongly she felt it would be a good thing to follow her feelings however the outcome was inevitable. Disobedience to God’s will and design for His creation always brings a separation from the creator himself.

Paul McHugh, MD, is University Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medical School and he writes, “In a way, it’s reminiscent of the Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Emperor’s New Clothes. In that tale, the Emperor, believing that he wore an outfit of special beauty imperceptible to the rude or uncultured, paraded naked through his town to the huzzahs of courtiers and citizens anxious about their reputations… I am ever trying to be the boy among the bystanders who points to what’s real. I do so not only because truth matters, but also because overlooked amid the hoopla enhanced by Bruce Jenner’s celebrity.”

There is an even more important aspect of this discussion worth noting concerning feelings and fact. The fact is that no one loves and cares more for each and every human being than the one who lovingly created each man, woman, boy, and girl! God created human beings; he created them male and female. You and I were not a knee jerk reaction but were intelligently designed to experience a divine plan that God himself has set in motion. Any deviation from His design can only bring sadness and discouragement. God made us with a purpose in mind. Not only a plan he wants us to experience but also a real purpose for living that goes beyond our feelings and our desires but to realize a life our creator has wished for us to experience! The prophet Jeremiah painted it his way… “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” And that my friend is more than a feeling… It’s a fact!

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