Saving the Easter Hunt and Santa


The Easter Bunny visits Mound Park each year to bring eggs for little boys and girls to hunt. Fishermen from all over the community and beyond enjoy the Trout Derby at Shawnee State Park every spring. Lines wrap around the corner of the haunted attraction in September through Halloween. Many of you have lined the streets of downtown Portsmouth braving the cold the Thursday evening before Thanksgiving in hopes to catch a glimpse of Santa in the Christmas parade.

Many have made memories with family and friends year after year all thanks to the local Portsmouth Area Jaycee’s. Now they need your help. The local chapter which was founded in 1939 is facing being closed by the state and national offices for low membership. They have two weeks to get membership up, or the local chapter will close. The Portsmouth Jaycee’s are the oldest chapter in the state of Ohio.

The Jaycee’s hold the Easter Egg Hunt in Mound Park every year, host the Trout Derby, and hold the Christmas Parade. Additionally, the largest and most popular fundraiser is the Haunted House. If the Jaycee’s close, those events will be lost forever.

Membership is age limited to those 18-40. Membership is open to anyone in Scioto, Adams, Pike or Lawrence counties. If you are interested, please contact us through our facebook page Portsmouth Area Jaycees, Inc.

Any employer wishing to sponsor an employee in the age bracket, should feel free to contact us to get the employee signed up. Again – this is a time sensitive issue. Help save the Jaycees.

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