Reaching the Top of the Mountain

What are the keys to contentment? Many of our fellow citizens believe that the road to fame and fortune brings contentment. Some even hold to the notion that possessing “things” brings contentment. They are into bigger houses and expensive cars; but none of these things will bring contentment. In order to be content there are a few things that we need accept. First we need to play the cards that we are dealt. You need to understand that what you are is God’s gift to you and to all that come in contact with you. Now, brothers and sisters, what you become is your gift to God. To find true contentment you need to accept yourself. A person with little self-esteem will never become what God intended for them to become. The people that you have the most trouble with in the Church are the ones who have never accepted themselves! They are always trying to “lift” themselves up at someone else’s expense. Secondly, in order to find true contentment, you need to be content with what you have. God has blessed this nation and every one of us individually more than we ever could have expected. Every breath we take is a reminder of God’s blessing upon our lives. Every free word we are allowed to utter should remind us of how much we have been blessed.

Thirdly, we need to evaluate our needs and keep them simple. Some people’s needs are always changing as seen in this little poem. From 18 to 35 a girl needs her looks. **** From 35 to 55 she needs a good personality. **** And from 55 on she needs CASH. Then again there are many people who I come in contact with who have no clue as to their needs! They remind me of the definition of an NFL football game. It is fifty thousand people who need exercise, watching 22 men who need rest. Take a survey and answer it honestly; ask yourself, “What do I really need?” Then take your life “by the hand” and straighten out what has been messed up for years.”

Fourthly, In order to be content we must know what the Lord Jesus Christ desires for your life? First He wants you to be born again of the water and the Spirit. He wants you to walk in a newness of life. He wants you to relax and enjoy life on earth while being ready for heaven. Our Lord wants you to enjoy the spring with the flowers and the freshness of it all, but He also wants you to understand that the summer that follows is magnificent too. And don’t forget the fall with its colorful scenery and the fresh scent as the leaves fall making Joseph’s coat of many colors seem pale in comparison. And don’t forget winter with its diamond like snow and the beauty of an untouched snow covered meadow.

Brothers and sisters enjoy every season, every stage of life, and every moment that you have on planet earth. For those who have obeyed the Lord and call themselves Christians please know that every change is a journey on the trail of life as we approach the mountain summit. And when we reach the top of the mountain the only thing left is that final leap which will enable me and you to touch the very face of God.

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Written By

Dr. James Spinnati