Brad Wenstrup speaks out on Trump nomination

Last week, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Paul Ryan, announced he was not yet ready to support the presumptive Republican nominee for president, Donald Trump.

Since the current delegate count points to a likely face-off between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, in November, U.S. Representative Brad Wenstrup was asked his thoughts on the likely general election matchup.

“I’m working hard to advance policies in Congress that Hillary Clinton would work hard to destroy,” Wenstrup. “She will add regulations that hurt American workers, families, and businesses and I believe her foreign-policy will take us in the wrong direction as well and put Americans further at risk.

“Another major concern I have is that she will nominate Supreme Court justices who will extend that troubling legacy. I believe you will see the House of Representatives set forth a positive agenda for all Americans that I expect would be embraced by Donald Trump and voters.”

Wenstrup is, himself, running for reelection in Ohio’s 2nd Congressional District, which encompasses all or parts of eight counties in Southern and Southwestern Ohio including Scioto County.

Wenstrup compares Trump and Clinton

By Frank Lewis

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