Counterfeit money in ATM


A Wheelersburg woman is warning residents that they should talk with their bank about ATM policy before withdrawing money.

The woman told the Daily Times she got money from her bank’s ATM and at least $160 of it was counterfeit. She said the bank told her they contract out for their ATM service, so she would have to deal with the ATM company. To make matters worse, the woman said she used a “360 card” issued by her bank and that has added to the problem.

“After the FBI gets done deciding what they’re going to do, I have to go to the 360 card company, for them to go to the ATM company,” the woman told the Daily Times. “The bank does not make the money right in their own ATMs.”

Meanwhile, the Portsmouth Police Department is making the public aware of a large amount of counterfeit money they say is circulating throughout the city. The money is being passed in denominations as small as a $1 bills and so far up to $50 bills.

Operations Captain Lynn Brewer said the money first began getting passed in late February in very random occurrences. In the past few weeks the counterfeit money is being passed almost daily at random locations. The subject or subjects passing the money are targeting businesses that have a higher volume of traffic and handle larger amounts of cash.

Brewer went on to say several leads have been established as to where the money is coming from and those leads are being investigated. The Office of the Secret Service in Cincinnati, who handles the passing of counterfeit money in this region has been contacted and notified of the counterfeit money being passed.

Businesses are being encouraged to pay close attention to the person passing any money that they believe to be fake money. He said you should try to obtain as accurate a description of the person as you can along with any information on the subjects that are with them or vehicles in which they are traveling.

Businesses and employees are urged to try and call the police as soon as they realize the money they have is possibly counterfeit.

Anyone with information about who is manufacturing or passing the money is encouraged to call the Portsmouth Police Department Detective Division at 740-354-1600 or the Police Dispatch line at 740-353-4101.

PPD issues warning of counterfeit money activity

By Frank Lewis

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