Local gym offers advanced training


A superior athlete uses every advantage to rise to the top, stopping at nothing to achieve the ultimate goal.

Now thanks to Next Level Strength and Conditioning, local athletes have the same advantages found in bigger cities.

Next Level Strength and Conditioning is a workout facility, which features two trainers who specialize in modern techniques used to reach optimal-performance levels.

Doran Martin and Max Lilies are providing one-on-one sessions with the latest workout tips.

“They aren’t teaching these kids deadlift, squad and the old techniques,” Dan Haney, owner and founder, said. “They are working with their biometrics, they’re jumping and they are doing different whole body workouts.”

Next level Strength and Conditioning has approximately 20 athletes under their tutelage and have room to accept 20 more. However, they are only looking for dedicated athletes who have a desire to compete at the next level.

“We came up with that name because we’re small,” Haney said. “The building is small. We are limited in the amount of people we can take. Since our numbers are small, we can only take the kids that are serious about their chosen sport and want to go to the next level.”

Despite the limited space, Haney said the goal is too not turn anybody away.

“There is no other facility close that is offering one-on-one personal, specialized training,” Haney said. “We have one hour sessions. The first six sessions is known as the assessment. We are going to test you in all these range of fields. We will record your measurements. After your cycle, which can be three months, six months or a year, then you retest. You can see the numbers and how they have increased.”

The first month cost $150, which includes the initial testing, then depending on the chosen package, the amount will decrease per month from there. Each session is unlimited, meaning the athlete can attended an hour session everyday.

“I want the average person to be able to afford to do this,” Haney said.

According to Haney, the best way to inquire on the details is by calling his cell phone at 740-352-3937 or by visiting their website at www.next-level-strength.com. The facility is located in Wheelersburg on Ohio River road.

The original idea came to Haney when he was watching a television show with his son Braiden called “American Muscle.” A trainer named Mike Barwis runs a gym on the show, which is based out of Michigan.

After contacting Bawis, Haney and his son made the six-hour trip to Michigan.

Braiden went through a workout regime while Haney toured the facility.

“The facility was amazing,” Haney said. “They had an indoor football field and state-of-the-art weights.”

Haney also noticed that Braidan was doing the same workouts that he had been doing with Jared Madden since the third grade. However, since Madden’s gym had closed, there were no other options for Braidan to receive the same level of training.

Once he got a break, Haney immediately called Martin to discuss Haney’s idea. Martin, who has a bachelor degree in sports science and is currently the strength coach for the Shawnee State Women’s Basketball program, agreed to come aboard.

Haney, who played football for the Portsmouth Warriors and is currently the strength coach for the East Tartan Football program, needed a trainer who had knew and fresh ideas.

“I’m old school,” Haney said. “I’m not hip on all the biometrics and all the new stretching. I knew I needed somebody new that knew this.”

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