Tech center hosts annual ‘Open House’ event


Scioto County Career and Technical Center hosted its annual Open House on Feb. 18 with one of the largest crowds in recent years.

For over 40 years, the SCCTC has provided not only education, but service to the community.

The mission of Scioto County Career Technical Center is to provide a superior workforce through personalized training, new technologies, and community partnerships. As well as providing business and industry with skilled and technically trained employees.

“We’re aligned to the workforce, we’re aligned to the business and industry community,” said Superintendent Stan Jennings.

“We gear all of our training towards an outcome that’s going to be job based. We want the community to understand, that when your kid comes here, there is opportunity. Our kids walk with their heads held high, their chins up, and their chest out. That’s very important. We want you to know that we feel very proud about what we do, and we want them to feel proud about the fact that they have a facility that competes with anywhere else in the state, we can compete with anybody.”

With over 50 programs, and more to come with the addition of their new North Campus, the career technical programs offered at SCCTC provide students with industry certifications, licensures and/or college credit.

According to the Ohio Association for Career and Technical Education, high school students get a head start and graduate from a career technical program with choices: continue their education with knowledge in their chosen field, start their career or do both at the same time.

The open house allowed not only students and their parents to explore and get a hands on feel for the programs offered, but community members as well. Each program displayed their current and past projects, shared their successes and informed vistors of the importance and reality of their programs.

“These programs teach us all kinds of things. We get different kinds of certifications for being here. So going out to a job, with these certifications, an employer is more likely to hire us over someone who isn’t certified,” said Caitlyn Covert, a junior in the Culinary and Food Service program. “We have background in this, we know what we’re doing, we learned the stuff, we’ve got the knowledge, we’ve got it in our heads that we know how to do it. And we can do it efficiently.”

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Students register for door prizes at SCCTC Open House. register for door prizes at SCCTC Open House.


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