Area digs out from the snow

As predicted, the area received approximately 4 inches of snow on Sunday evening and night with higher amounts in some isolated areas.

“Four to five inches of snow fell during the first round of precipitation,” Scioto County Emergency Management Agency Director Kim Carver told the Daily Times. “The warmer temperatures today (Monday) will permit some snow melt and we could get anywhere from a quarter to half an inch of rain when the next round of precipitation comes in.”

Carver said that combination could lead to some localized flooding, a result of drains covered with snow not allowing the melting snow to run off.

More than 100 snowplow operators and auto technicians continued working Monday morning after another winter storm left behind between four and six inches of snow in some parts of southern Ohio.

Crews from the Ohio Department of Transportation – District 9 maintenance facilities have been working since the storm began Sunday afternoon to plow and treat the state and federal highways, and currently, roadways throughout the area vary from slushy and wet priority routes to partly or mostly snow covered secondary roads.

Roadways rermain somewhat slick, so motorists need to drive at a speed well-below the posted limit and maintain a safe following distance behind other vehicles. Motorists are also reminded to use additional caution when traveling over bridges and overpasses which have colder surface temperatures and can freeze more quickly.

“The system is not going to exit our area until some time Tuesday morning,” Carver said. “When the rain comes back through Monday afternoon, we’re going to switch back over to a brief period of some forzen precipitation, snow most likely.”

She said weather forecasters are predicting an additional accumulation of about an inch if any at all.

“That will all be driven by what the temperatures are tonight (Monday night),” Carver said. “It will be a much warmer night than it has been for several nights.”

All in all, Carver says she is observing some thawing from the Valentines Day weekend snow.

“The forecast is for the temperature to be 50 degrees by the end of the week,” Carver said. “So we’re going to go from below zero temperatures to hovering around the 50s by the end of the week, so the big thaw is on.”

Scioto County went to a Level-1 snow emergency Sunday night, according to Scioto County Sheriff Marty V. Donini.

“That’s because the rate of snowfall was one to two inches an hour and it just covered everything up so quickly that we felt like we needed to put an advisory out so people would be sure to realize how hazardous roads were becoming,” Carver said. “If they didn’t have to go out, we thought that might change their minds about going out.”

Carever said many people were out for Valentines Day dinner when the snow began.

The National Weather Service says there will be a light glaze on untreated surfaces. Some places may rise above freezing during the day Monday, but any lingering drizzle at that time will freeze as the ground remains cold. Light amounts of icing will cause some roads and sidewalks to become slippery. The NWS urges you to use caution when outdoors as areas that look wet may be icy. If you must drive, be cautious as you may encounter ice on roads.

A winter weather advisory means that freezing drizzle will cause travel difficulties. Be prepared for slippery roads and use caution while driving. Stay tuned to NOAA Weather Radio for the latest updates.

Additional details can be found at as well as on their facebook and Twitter pages.

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As the snow fell, operators were still hard at work along the future corridor of S.R. 823. This photo taken just west of Flatwood. Fallen Timber Road depicts the progress in spite of the snow. the snow fell, operators were still hard at work along the future corridor of S.R. 823. This photo taken just west of Flatwood. Fallen Timber Road depicts the progress in spite of the snow.
Temps expected in the 50s by the end of the week

By Frank Lewis

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