KSP encourage safety for the Super Bowl

ASHLAND, Ky. — The Kentucky State Police released a Public Service Announcement (PSA) which was delivered by Trooper Joe Veeneman. The PSA references Super Bowl traffic safety messaging.

KSP will be stepping up enforcement efforts across the state and encourages those who are hosting Super Bowl festivities to designate a sober driver to assist guests traveling home after the party.

“Hello, this is Master Trooper Joe Veeneman. a game day tip. Whether you are rooting for Denver or Carolina, one thing we can agree on is getting home safely on Super Bowl night,” Veeneman said. “If you’re game plan involves drinking, add a designated driver to your line up. Kentucky State Police has a game plan of our own, and it includes stepping up enforcement patrols during the Super Bowl.”

Veeneman went on to warn the public that every 30 minutes someone is killed by a drunk driver. “You, your family, or your friends could be next. Remember, Kentucky. ‘Drive Sober, or Get Pulled Over.’”

KSP Michael Murriell of Post 14 in Ashland, which serves Boyd, Carter, Greenup, and Lawrence counties in Kentucky, said Super Bowl parties always equate to drinking, but KSP is urging the public to plan ahead.

“We know that there are going to be a lot of people that are going to be having Super Bowl parties,” Murriell said. “And, with that, a lot of times there are a lot of people that are drinking. We just want people to be really responsible, and if you are planning on partaking in those kinds of activities, have something planned where you can have somebody can drive you to where you need to be, or stay where you are at.”

Murriell said KSP will be out patrolling the roads, and looking for motorists that are under the influence of alcohol.

“We are going to have extra patrols out, and potentially looking for anyone who may be out under the influence, operating a vehicle and putting everyone’s lives in danger including their own,” Murriell said. “It is just a few days away. Be responsible. Come up with a plan that will protect everybody.”

Trooper Murriell also said there is not usually a spike trouble on the roads during the Super Bowl game day.

“Our Post doesn’t usually see a big jump in issues. There are a lot of parties that go on during the Super Bowl, and we understand that,” Murriell said. “It is something that is going to occur, we just really want people to use good, common sense and not make poor decisions that could potentially affect the lives of everybody.”

By Portia Williams

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