Deadline nearing for special election

GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. — The special election in Greenup County, Ky. will be held March 8, and the deadline for voters to register is fast approaching which is Feb. 8, according to Greenup County Clerk, Pat Hieneman.

The purpose of the special election is the fill the seat of former Kentucky 98th District State Representative Tanya Pullin, who resigned to take on her new position as administrative law judge. Henceforth, a House of Representatives seat was vacated a special election must be conducted.

“Nothing else is on the ballot. This is a special election just for Tanya Pullin’s seat, her term which is through the end of the year,” Hieneman said.

Accommodations are made for elderly voters and those with health issues.

“If voters are elderly or ill, they can call and we will send then an application, and then send them a ballot,” Hieneman said. “And, on February 22nd if they are going to be out of town, and are not in the county, or having surgery and for some reason can’t vote that is valid, we’ll in-house absentee voting from February 22 until the day of the election, the day before the election which is March 7th.”

On March 8, polls will be open from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m.

By Portia Williams

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