Crabtree elected chairman


Mike Crabtree was elected to a fourth term as chairman and Doug Coleman was elected to a fourth term as vice-chairman on Monday during the Scioto County Commissioners’ reorganizational meeting.

After being elected, Crabtree said he believes 2016 will be a prosperous year for Scioto County.

“I think the next two or three year are going to prosperous,” Crabtree said.

He believes much of the prosperity will come because the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway construction.

“There is a lot of money being spent out there and over the next two or three years. They should have all of the clearing done and maybe by mid-spring or early summer they should have that job opened up with 200 employees,” Crabtree said.

Once constructed the Southern Ohio Veterans Memorial Highway will be 17.3 miles, four-lane divided, limited access highway.

In total, the roadway will have 72 lane-miles. There will be five major interchanges with two partial interchanges. The roadway is anticipated to have an average daily traffic of up to 14,500 vehicles.

The project will cost an estimated $1.2 billion, officials said.

Crabtree acknowledged with prosperity comes struggle. He said the current struggle is fighting for the workers at American Centrifuge Plant (ACP) in Piketon.

“The Department of Energy and every government agency has to look at budget concerns. I don’t know what the mentality is of what they (DOE) are going, only they know that,” Crabtree said.

He said there has always been a struggle with DOE over funding for projects at the Piketon Plant.

“It’s always been a struggle to get the needed revenue to keep that place operating, even when it was fully operational there were budget concerns. It will likely be that way until it’s no longer in existence,” Crabtree said. “We have to keep on struggling to get, what we think we should get and what they (DOE) promised to do, Unfortunately you have to keep asking someone to do something they already promised to do.”

As a part of the meeting, the commissioners voted to keep the meeting time and the location the same. The commissioners meet Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 a.m. in room 107 of the Scioto County Courthouse.

For more information about the office of Scioto County Commissioners, visit online at

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Submitted Photo The Scioto County Commissioners and some of their office staff. Photo The Scioto County Commissioners and some of their office staff.

By Wayne Allen

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