Pullin to resign, accepts judgeship

Kentucky State Representative Tanya Pullin of South Shore will resign at the end of the week. In early January she will be sworn in as an Administrative Law Judge based in South Shore.

Pullin confirmed to the Daily Times that Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin has offered her an appointment to become an Administrative Law Judge.

“It took me a while to make up my mind, but considering all of the various factors I have decided to accept,” Pullin said. “My last day as state representative will be January 1.”

She said between now and the end of the year she will be working to tie up loose ends and move items forward as state representative.

“I’m trying to tie up any loose ends and move anything forward I’m working on. I’m working really hard trying to get all of this finished,” Pullin said. “The plan is I’ll be sworn in as a judge on January 5.”

She said the most difficult part has been trying to connect with the necessary people before the end of the year.

Some of the things Pullin is trying to get accomplished before the end of the year include, getting a better sign to mark the entrance of the veteran’s cemetery off the industrial parkway.

There is some legislation Pullin has been working on for years; she’s now trying to find other legislators to sponsor.

“This legislation would strengthen the executive branch ethics code. I’ve sponsored that, the last two legislative sessions and have been working with the executive branch ethics commission and other to try to get that bill as ready as it can be,” Pullin said.

Some of the responsibilities of an Administrative Law Judge include, presiding over hearings about specific cases mostly workers compensation.

“Hearings are held throughout the state, so I would travel some, but not nearly as much as I have done as a state representative,” Pullin said.

She said this would be the first time in recent history; an administrative law judge would be based in South Shore or Greenup County.

Once she takes the oath of office, the first few weeks will be spent shadowing a sitting Administrative Law Judge in another town.

Once Pullin resigns it will be up to Bevin to schedule a special election to determine her replacement.

“The executive committee of each party will pick a candidate from their party,” Pullin said. Those chosen will be on the ballot of the special election.

It’s anticipated the special election will be in February.

“I love the people of my district, I just love the people. There are so many wonderful community leaders and wonderful civic people,” Pullin said. “I really think I represent the best people. I hope I have been a voice in Frankfort, for the people at home who maybe feel they are not always spoken for. I hope that I have spoken for everybody.”

As 98th district state representative Pullin represents Greenup County and part of Boyd County.

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By Wayne Allen

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